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Apprenticeship Bootcamp

Access materials from the Apprenticeship Bootcamp in August 2023.

Funding Opportunities
​​​​Find current apprenticeship funding opportunities and past notices.

Apprenticeship Navigation
​The Technical Assistance is a refresher for 2023 grantees and partners in the Integrated Business Service Teams.

Talent Pipeline Management
​Access materials for the Talent Pipeline Management.

Professional Developent
Online learning resources for apprenticeship grantees and professionals.

IWIB Apprenticeship Illinois Committee
The Apprenticeship Committee was established by the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board (IWIB) in 2016 with an understanding that apprenticeship is a work-based learning model providing a workforce solution for employers and a career pathway strategy for apprentices. Visit the IWIB Apprenticeship Committee page to find Meetings, access materials, committee lists, and work plans.

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