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​Apprenticeship 2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity

In June 2021, Illinois received a State Apprenticeship Expansion, Equity and Innovation Grant for approximately $6 million from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to develop, modernize and diversify Registered Apprenticeships in Illinois. The objective of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to diversify apprenticeship programs and find innovative ways of employing the apprenticeship model to meet the needs of businesses, resulting in a total of 750 new registered apprenticeship programs by the end of 2024. Learn more about this funding opportunity.

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This Women's History Month the National Center for Women's Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment released its newest brief, Here to Stay: Black, Latina and Afro-Latina Women in Construction Trades Apprenticeships and Employment. The brief offers compelling stories of tradeswomen's experiences, opportunities and challenges, and also offers recommendations for construction apprenticeships, unions and contractors on how to best address the intersection of race and gender in supporting women's entry and success in the skilled construction trades. We hope you can join and we'd appreciate your help circulating the report and this invite to a webinar discussing the report to your industry leaders and registered apprenticeship programs.

Diversity is key for the future of the construction trades. While the numbers of Black and Latina women in trades apprenticeships have been increasing rapidly, still fewer than one-in-twenty five apprentices are women. A new report lifts up the voices of Black, Latina, and Afro Latina early career tradeswomen on what helps and hinders their success in the trades. Join IWPR and Chicago Women in the Trades for this webinar to learn about the new report, hear from Black and Latina tradeswomen about their experiences, and from construction trades leaders and organizers on what they are doing to tackle racism, harassment, and discrimination to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all in the trades. Speakers include: · Christina Barillas, Plumbers Women's Committee and Latina Labor Coalition · Lilly Calderon, Bricklayers Union · Chandra Childers, PhD, Institute for Women's Policy Research · Zahrah Hill, Plumbers Local 130 · Lark Jackson (Moderator), Chicago Women in the Trades · Kina McAfee, Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Apprenticeship Training Program.

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Interested in learning about how to expand apprenticeship into new sectors? Recordings from past industry focus calls can be found here.  Previously discussed sectors include: Healthcare, IT, Advanced Manufacturing, Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Agriculture and Financial Services.

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