IWIB Apprenticeship Committee

What is the Apprenticeship Illinois Committee?

The Apprenticeship Illinois Committee is one of 4 content-focused committees of the IWIB. The chair is a member of the IWIB. Other members of this committee do not have to be appointed by the Governor and can be invited by the chair. There are typically 20 voting members of this committee. The committee focuses on providing leadership on:

  1. Expanding apprenticeships geographically and to new industries.
  2. Increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in apprenticeship.
  3. Formalizing statewide apprenticeship coordination across partnering state agencies.
  4. Growing statewide capacity to provide apprenticeship opportunities to job seekers and businesses.

What Responsibilities Does an Apprenticeship Illinois Committee Member Have?

The Committee meets quarterly for 2 hours. These meetings are typically on a Tuesday or a Thursday and are in the mornings from 9-11 am. They typically precede the IWIB quarterly meeting. There is an expectation that Apprenticeship Illinois Committee members:

  • Provide leadership and guidance to the apprenticeship field.
  • Be knowledgeable about apprenticeship – nationally, statewide, and regionally.
  • Be ambassadors and champions for Apprenticeship Illinois.
  • Be a strategic partner for growth plans for apprenticeship.
  • Actively address inequities in apprenticeships – both on the employer and participant sides. 

The Committee encourages members to participate in the Apprenticeship Illinois Committee Work Groups, which currently include Marketing, Youth Apprenticeships, Pre-Apprenticeships, and Apprenticeship Systems. Some work groups meet monthly and some quarterly. To learn more about Apprenticeship Illinois, click here 

What is the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board?

Illinois Workforce Innovation Board or IWIB, is mandated by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Governor-appointed members include leaders from business, industry, state agencies, education, labor, and community-based organizations with a mission to integrate education, workforce, and economic development resources and services that support economic growth and job creation for individuals, businesses, and communities in the State.  The IWIB serves in a leadership role guiding the workforce system through policies, strategies, and performance that address the needs of businesses, consumers, employees, community members, and partners. The IWIB is responsible for providing oversight and strategic leadership for the state workforce development system.

The 2020-22 Strategic Plan identified four priority areas focused on integrated and equitable service delivery design, business engagement through sector strategy framework, career pathway development, and metrics for measuring success. The IWIB has a committee and task force structure. There is an Executive Committee and a Committee Chairs Committee. There are four content focused committees: Apprenticeship, Business Engagement, Career Pathways for Targeted Populations, and Continuous Improvement. There are two time-limited taskforces: Equity and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics or TDL. There is a work group to complete the Illinois State WIOA plan and a WIOA policy work group.

View the IWIB Event Calendar for past and upcoming meetings.

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Committee Members

Mike Conley, Chair, Trenton Sun and Southwestern Illinois College

Tony Fuhrmann, Marketing Work Group Chair, Madison County Employment & Training Dept.

Manny Rodriguez, Pre- Apprenticeship Work Group Chair, Revolution Workshop

Dr. Laz Lopez, Youth Work Group Chair, D214

Julio Rodriguez, WIOA Title IB – DCEO

Whitney Thompson (designee Lavon Nelson), WIOA Title II – ICCB

Carrie Thomas (designee Todd Lowery), WIOA Title III – IDES

Rahnee Patrick (designee Michele Velez), WIOA Title IV - IDHS-VR

Elba Aranda-Suh, National Latino Education Institute

Arthur Bishop, Safer Foundation

Tim Drea, AFL-CIO

Tim Engstrom, Essendant

Marci Johnson, Career and Technical Education, Illinois State Board of Education

Sean Glowacz, Power Construction 

Sarah Hartwick, Illinois Manufacturers' Association

Dan Kamien, Cisco Meraki

Karen Kryder, FHN

Chadra Lang, City Colleges of Chicago

Dan Serota, Aon (designee: Shantenae Robinson)

Eric Shine, Rivian

Rob Swegle, Mid-Central Illinois Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee