Professional Development

Apprenticeship Illinois Professional Development courses can be accessed at
(Please note: Not all courses are created and available at this point in time.)WIOA PD.jpg

For the Downloadable Resources, which correspond to each of the courses, please click on the links below: (Please note: materials will be available when the courses are available)

Apprenticeship Illinois Professional Development Courses
Session 0: Kickoff
  • Apprenticeship Navigators and Intermediaries by EDR (PDF)
Session 1:  Foundations for Registered Apprenticeship

NOTE: These videos take time to start up, with buffering. You may need to "toggle" from play to pause and rewind. Also, you may need to check sound on both your computer speakers and the sound bar on the video itself. If you do not hear sound, then restart until you do hear sound.

When viewing these, notice there is a "Notes" tab with a transcript for each slide.

Session 2: Apprenticeship Illinois Overview
Session 3: Navigator Best Practices
Session 4: Intermediary Best Practices
Session 5: Innovated Opportunities to Leverage Funding
Session 6-A: Apprenticeship Illinois Tracking System
Session 6-B: Apprenticeship Illinois Tracking System
Session 7-A: WIOA Eligibility
Session 7-B: WIOA Eligibility
Session 8: Understanding RAP and DOL OA Requirements
Session 9: Grant Management
  • ASE Grantee Reporting Requirements Webinar - 10/19/20
  • Apprenticeship Expansion Program Grant Reporting Requirements (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Expansion Program Quarterly Report Requirements (Word)
  • Periodic Performance Report (PPR) (Word)
  • Periodic Performance Report (PPR) Instructions (PDF)
  • Periodic Financial Report (PFR) (Word)
  • Periodic Financial Report (PFR) Instructions (PDF)
Session 10: Talent Pipeline Management
Session 11: Mentorship

  1. To be "certified," all major players in the Intermediary and Navigator Apprenticeship Expansion Grants must take ALL programs in Green (Kickoff meeting and Sessions 1-5) and pass the "quizzes."
  2. For Navigators and Intermediaries to better understand DOL RAP requirements, they are highly encouraged to take the Understanding RAP and DOL OA Requirements training session
  3. Only Case Managers and those entering apprentice information need to take the Apprenticeship Illinois Tracking System training session – NOTE: there will be a small session for how Navigators can enter apprentice information.
  4. Only case managers that need to be able to certify WIOA Eligibility must take the WIOA Eligibility training sessions        
  5. Only those who are designated to for each of the grants that will be using the DCEO Grantee Reporting System for grant management/budgets must take the Grant Management training session
  6. All Navigators are expected to attend/take the TPM training sessions. All grantees are welcome to participate in TPM.