Youth Career Pathway Program Resources


Get Started

  • Process Flow and System Identification Overview (Table -PDF) (Chart -PDF)
  • Procedures Manual (PDF)
  • Become a Partner (PDF)
  • Requesting Access to Partner Tools (PDF)
  • Grantee Details the Customer Support Center (PDF)
  • Adding Training Programs (PDF)
  • Enter Worksite Placements (PDF)
  • Set Appointment Times (PDF)


  • Program Dashboard - Group Level Information (PDF)
  • Customer List View (PDF)
  • Customer Overview - Individual Level Information (PDF)
  • Customer Outcomes - Individual Level Information (PDF)

Intake Process

  • Initial Intake Form Overview PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Initial Intake Form Instructions for Customers (PDF)
  • Intake Review Instructions for Partners (PDF)
  • Customer Overview - Individual Level Information (PDF)
  • Schedule Customers with LWIA Career Planners (PDF)
  • Case File Cover Sheets (PDF)

Document Services

  • Case Note Tool in Youth Career Pathways (PDF)
  • Case Note Rubric (PDF)
  • Document Customer Plans and Progress (PDF)
  • Career Plan Rubric (PDF)
  • My Career Plan - A Customer View (PDF)
  • Worksite Placement and Payroll Upload (PDF)
  • Customer Outcomes - Individual Level Information (PDF)
  • Worksite Evaluation Overview (PDF)
  • Guide for Worksite Evaluation (Customer Guide) (Partner Guide)
  • Customer Services Report (PDF)

More Resources
Get Started
  • Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses Flyer (PDF)
  • Authorization of Release of Information Template (Word)
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) TEGL 39-11 (PDF)

Fiscal Resources

  • Standardized Grantee Reporting PPT (PDF)
    Reporting Webinar PPT (PDF)
  • Fiscal Training PPT (PDF)
  • GRS User Manual (PDF)
  • Periodic Financial Report (PFR) (PDF)
  • Periodic Performance Report (PPR) (PDF)
  • PFR Trial Balance Cover (Word)
  • PPR Support Cover (Word)
Business Engagement
  • Business Engagement Presentation from Young Invincibles (PDF)
  • Talking to Businesses about Apprenticeship (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Business Engagement Guide (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Business Engagement Strategies in Action (PDF)
  • Business Engagement Webinar October 1 2018 PPT (PDF)
  • 2017 Youth Grant Business Engagement Plan Example (Excel)

Career Ladders/Lattices and Pathways

  • Parents Guide to Apprenticeship (PDF)
  • Career Ladders/Lattices and Career Pathways PowerPoint (PDF)


  • Recruitment Strategies PPT by Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support (PDF)
  • Recruitment and Outreach PPT Nov 7 2018 (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Recruitment Toolkit (PDF)
  • Editable Sharable Image Male (PPT)
  • Editable Sharable Image Female (PPT)
  • ApprenticeshipWorks Image 1 (PNG)
  • ApprenticeshipWorks Image 2 (PNG)
  • ApprenticeshipWorks Image 3 (PNG)
  • ApprenticeshipWorks Image 4 (PNG)
  • ApprenticeshipWorks Image IL Apprenticeship (PNG)
  • Apprenticeship Graphic 1 (PNG)
  • Apprenticeship Graphic 2 (PNG)
  • Apprenticeship Graphic Quote (PNG)
  • TABE 11-12 Presentation for Youth Career Pathway Grantees (PDF)
  • ICCB Adult Basic Education Testing Locations (PDF)

Eligibility and Performance

  • WIOA Youth Program Fact Sheet July 2019 (PDF)
  • WIOA Eligibility Checklist (ISY-PDF)(OSY-PDF)
  • WIOA Youth Application (PDF)
  • WIOA Eligibility for Authorized to Work, Selective Service, and Veterans PPT (PDF)
  • WIOA Low Income criteria PPT (PDF)
  • WIOA Youth Eligibility File Review (PDF)
  • WIOA Youth Eligibility PPT (PDF)
  • WIOA Youth Performance Presentation (PDF)

Service Delivery Resources

  • Dropout Prevention/Working Through Challenges PPT Oct 2019 (PDF)
  • Youth Case Management Toolkit (Youth Connections Spring 2017) (PDF)
  • WIOA Work-Based Learning Desk Reference (PDF)
  • WIOA Supportive Services Desk Reference (PDF)
  • WIOA Title 1 Youth Formula Program Guidance TEGL_21-16 (PDF)
  • Feedback from Youth Customers in the YCP Grant Projects PPT (PDF)
  • YCP Survey Data (PDF)
  • WIOA Supportive Service Desk Reference (Web)
  • Participant Improvement Plan Example (Word)


  • Being a Mentor in a Youth Apprenticeship Program PPT (PDF)

Worksite Placement

Exiting Customers
  • Exiting In IWDS PPT (PDF)
  • Exit in IWDS Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • Exit POST Exit Other Outcomes PPT (PDF)