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  • 2018

    Upcoming Webinar for Partners: Generate your Site-Specific URL Today to Begin Collecting Illinois workNet Usage Data

    The Illinois workNet team has made some updates to the Illinois workNet Service Finder! Our Illinois workNet Service Finder Partners can now generate site-specific Illinois workNet URLs that will be used to compile Illinois workNet usage data in the Unique URL Report. The site-specific URLs are set as the home page in resource rooms or computer labs. The Unique URL Frequency Report will then provide usage statistics for the computers using the unique URLs. Attend a live webinar on August 24, 2018 from 2:30 PM (CT) – 3:00 PM (CT) and learn about:

    • Generating your site-specific URL;
    • Setting your site-specific URL as the homepage on resource room computers; and
    • Using the Unique URL Frequency Report. 

    Register to attend the webinar here:

    Background: Site-specific URLs are generated through the Illinois workNet Service Finder Tool.  Illinois workNet partners add their organizations' service or referral information to the Service Finder Tool so that individuals can easily find them based on their needs. This is a great way to enhance your outreach efforts and to ensure your community can easily connect to your services. Check out the Service Finder Tool article for partners to learn more about the benefits of being an Illinois workNet service partner.

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