Implementation Documents & Updates

This page is dedicated to WIOA implementation downloadable documents and updates.

WIOA Integrated Timeline of Activities

Governor's Guidelines - Supporting Documents

Situational and Required Partners by LWIA
  • Situational Partners by LWIA (December 2018 Update) (Word)
  • Summary of Individuals to Negotiate Local MOUs on Behalf of Required Partners (February 2019 Update) (Excel)
  • List of Agency Planning and Negotiations Contacts (Excel)

Reconciliation Process

  • Handbook for Conducting Periodic Reconciliation  (PDF)
  • Reconciliation Spreadsheet – Template (Excel)
  • Sample Matrix of Benefits Received by Partner (Word)
  • Sample Matrix for Tracking Actual Costs Incurred by Partner (Word)
  • Sample Final Reconciliation Notice (Word)
  • General Invoicing Guidance to Local Areas When Payments are Being Made Centrally by State Agencies (PDF)

Memos and Required Partners
  • Update on MOU Signature Guidance for PY 2020 (PDF)

One-Stop MOU Development

Governor's Guidelines:

  • NEW Governor's Guidelines - Revision 4 (PDF)
  • Governor's Guidelines - Revision 4 Draft - Red-Lined Version for Webinar (PDF)
  • Presentation of the Governor's Guidelines - Revision 4 (PDF)


  • NEW Signature Pages for Submittal of PY 2020 MOUs and One-Stop Operating Budgets (Word)
  • NEW Appendix C - Pre-Program Year Planning Form - Updated December 2019 (Word)
  • NEW Appendix G - Report of Outcomes - Updated November 2019 (Word)
  • NEW Appendix H - Cover Page for Submittal of MOU Amendments and One-Stop Operating Budgets - Updated November 2019 (Word)
  • NEW Appendix I - Required Checklist for Local Partner Service Delivery via Direct Linkage - Updated November 2019 (Word)
  • NEW Appendix J - PY 2020 MOU Template - Updated January 2020 (Word)
  • NEW Appendix K - PY2020 MOU One-Stop Operating Budget Template - Updated November 2019 (Excel)
  • NEW Appendix L - PY2020 Local Board Revision Response Letter Template - Updated November 2019 (Word)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act:
Final Rules:
  • Interim Operating Guidance to Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIAs) under WIOA (PDF)

General Resources:

  • IWIB Announcement of Taskforce (PDF)
  • A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers by Jobs for the Future (PDF)
  • WIOA Definition of "Access" (PDF)
  • WIOA Key Implementation Dates (PDF)