WIOA Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan

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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 requires the Governor of each State to outline a four-year strategy for the State’s workforce development system by preparing either a Unified State Plan encompassing the following core federal programs: WIOA Title IB, Title II-Adult Education, Title III-Wagner-Peyser, and Title IV-Vocational Rehabilitation Services; or a Combined State Plan that includes the six core programs from a unified plan, plus one or more eligible partner programs identified under WIOA (Perkins Act career and technical education programs, TANF, SNAP, E&T programs, TAA, etc.).  Illinois follows the Unified State Plan approach.

A final version of the Unified State Plan for Illinois was submitted to and approved by the United States Departments of Labor and Education in 2016. Attachments, program specific appendices, and related tables, charts, figures, maps and diagrams for Illinois’ Unified State Plan are available below for viewing and downloading.

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State of Illinois WIOA Unified State Plan

State of Illinois
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Unified State Plan for Program Years 2016-2020
(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2020)

Illinois WIOA Unified Plan - FINAL (PDF) - The WIOA Unified State Plan is designed to provide a vision of the Governor’s integration of workforce, education and economic development policy while also serving as a federal compliance document for the United States Departments of Labor and Education under WIOA. The Unified State Plan outlines the vision, principles and goals for the integration of workforce, education and economic development programs for the State of Illinois​. 


Program Specific Requirements for Titles: IB, II, III, and IV (PDF)

Attachments A - Z

  • Attachment A - Public Comments (PDF)
  • Attachment B - Employment Projections (PDF)
  • Attachment C - Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment (PDF)
  • Attachment D - Targeted Populations (PDF)
  • Attachment E - IWIB Report of the Illinois Disadvantaged Youth Task Force (PDF)
  • Attachment F - Education, Workforce, and Economic Development Leadership Team (PDF)
  • Attachment G - Illinois Sector Partnership Framework (PDF)
  • Attachment H - State Workforce Board Members (PDF)
  • Attachment I - Interagency Work Group Members (PDF)
  • Attachment J - Governor's Guidelines (PDF) (PNG)
  • Attachment K - WIOA Service Program Matrix (PDF)
  • Attachment L - Local Workforce Area Designation (PDF)
  • Attachment M - Illinois Economic Development Regions Analysis (PDF)
  • Attachment N - Illinois Regional Planning Guides (PDF)
  • Attachment O - Regional Planning Data (PDF)
  • Attachment P - One-Stop Center Accessibility Compliance Checklist (PDF)
  • Attachment Q - Methods of Funds Distribution (PDF)
  • Attachment R - Local Workforce Area Map (PDF)
  • Attachment S - Local Workforce Area and Regional Planning Area Map (PDF)
  • Attachment T - Organizational Charts (PDF) (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity PNG) (Division of Rehabilitation PNG) (Illinois Community College Board PNG) (Illinois Department of Employment Security PNG)
  • Attachment U - Policy Documents (PDF)
  • Attachment V - Illinois Integrated Business Services Environmental Scan (PDF)
  • Attachment W - Economic Development Region (EDR) Employment Data (PDF)
  • Attachment X - EDR Demand Occupations' Education and Training Requirements (PDF)
  • Attachment Y - Job Service Quarterly Reports (June 30, 2011 PNG) (June 30, 2012 PNG) (June 30, 2013 PNG) (June 30, 2014 PNG) (June 30, 2015 PNG)
  • Attachment Z - Illinois Program Year 2016 and 2017 Negotiated Levels of Performance (PDF) (Page 1 - PNG) (Page 2 - PNG)

Illinois Unified State Plan
Tables, Charts, Figures, Maps and Diagrams

The following graphic files, included within the plan, are​ separated below for convenient access.

  • Table 1: Illinois vs. Benchmark States vs. Nation: Change in GDP, Employment and Earnings over Last 10 Years (PNG)
  • Table 2: Illinois Employment by Major Industry Sector (PNG)
  • Figure 1: Bubble Chart Based on Table 2 (PNG)
  • Figure 2a: Major Industry Clusters in the Northeast Region (JPG)
  • Figure 2b: Major Industry Clusters in the Southwest Region (PNG)
  • Table 3: Illinois Employment by Major Occupational Sector (PNG)
  • Table 4: LEADING Major Industry Sectors Statewide (PNG)
  • Table 5: EMERGING Major Industry Sectors Statewide (PNG)
  • Table 6 - MATURING Major Industry Sectors Statewide (PNG)
  • Table 7: Distribution of Industry Employment in the U.S. and Midwest: Regional Similarities and Differences (PNG)
  • Table 8a: Northeast Region Employment by Industry/Occupational Cluster (PNG)
  • Table 8b: Southwest Region Employment by Industry/Occupational Cluster (PNG)
  • Table 8c: Leading, Emerging and Maturing Health Care Industries in the Northeast Region (PNG)
  • Table 8d: Leading, Emerging and Maturing Manufacturing Industries in the Southwest Region (PNG)
  • Table 8e: Occupational Employment in Health Care Industries in the Northeast Region (PNG)
  • Table 8f: Occupational Employment in Manufacturing Industries in the Southwest Region (PNG)
  • Table 9:  PY 2016 and PY 2017 Approved Levels for WIOA Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth and Wagner-Peyser Performance Targets for Illinois (PNG)
  • Chart 1: Current Distribution of Industry IL vs. U.S. and Average of Other Midwest States (PNG)
  • Chart 2: U.S. Employment Distribution Trend (PNG)
  • Chart 3: IL Employment Distribution Trend (PNG)
  • Chart 4: Midwest State Average (not including IL) Employment Distribution Trend (PNG)
  • Chart 5: Projected U.S. Employment Growth by Educational Requirements: 2012-2022 (PNG)
  • Chart 6: IL Median Income by Educational Attainment: 2014 (PNG)
  • Chart 7: Percent of IL Population by Educational Attainment: 2000-2014 (PNG)
  • Chart 8: Target Population Characteristics (PNG)
  • Illinois Economic Development Regions (PNG)
  • Illinois Regional Planning Process Framework (PNG)
  • Illinois Sector Strategy Success Factors (PNG)
  • Employment Status of Illinois’ Civilian Non-institutional Population 18 years and over by Veteran Status, January 2015-December 2015 (PNG)

Unified State Plan
Technical Plan Modification #1

USDOL/USDOE State Plan Approval Letter

In June, 2016 USDOL and DOE approved the Illinois WIOA Unified State Plan on the condition that certain items be addressed by Sept. 1, 2016. The Illinois response was jointly developed by the WIOA core partners that make up the Governor’s WIOA Interagency Work Group and made available for public comment. The response was approved by the IWIB Executive Committee and submitted to DOL/DOE on August 31, 2016. Download the approval letter (PDF) and the Technical Plan Modification #1 (PDF).