Success Story Guide

Share Success Stories and Inspire Others

A success story shows how Local Workforce Innovation Area (LWIA) programs are making a difference in people’s lives. More than a list of events or activities, it describes a positive change and shows how that change benefits you and the people of Illinois. A good success story uses evidence to show the value of programs.

You can write a success story about a program, workshop or training opportunity that is particularly noteworthy and significant. It may be about how an employer worked with an employment program or about how a person gained personal employment.

Whatever you choose to write about, your story should show how participating with the LWIA program is making Illinois a better place to live – for individuals, families, organizations, businesses, local governments and communities.



  1. Review the Guide for Writing Your Success Story (PDF).

  2. Log in and submit your story.



  1. Review the Guide for Writing Your Success Story (PDF).

  2. Log in and submit your story.

Service Providers

Service Providers 

  1. Review the Partner Guide for Writing:

    • Your Customer's Success Story  (PDF)

    • Your Businesses' Success Story (PDF)

    • Your Community's Success Story (PDF)
  2. Log in to your account and choose to submit your customer or business story.

​Success Story Writing Tips

​The most effective stories are written by the participants and employers because they convey, in the person's own voice, exactly how the program helped them and the value of the program. An accompanying photo adds interest and visual appeal while demonstrating the diversity of those served by the program.

Consider these factors when you write a success story:

  • Pretend the reader knows nothing whatsoever about the program. Don’t assume anything!

  • Remember: you are telling a short story about what you have achieved or want to achieve as a result of a program.

What Makes an Effective Success Story?

  • Written in your own words
  • Mention specific experiences and activities that made your experience successful
  • Include an engaging clear photo

Tell Your Success:

  • Enter a personalized, meaningful title
  • Tell us a brief description of your background and how the program helped you achieve your goals
    • What did the program help you achieve?
  • Was it helpful to receive other services while you were in this program?
  • What were your outcomes or results of the program? What positive change happened as a result of the program?

Final Touches:

  • Proofread your story
  • Include a photo
    • Try and avoid selfies


  • Success Story PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Guide for Writing Your Success Story - Individuals (PDF)
  • Guide for Writing Your Success Story Employers (PDF)
  • Guide for Writing Your Customer's Success Story  (PDF)
  • Guide for Writing Your Businesses' Success Story (PDF)
  • Guide for Writing Your Community's Success Story (PDF)