Use the samples below to help you get started on your resume! 

Chronological - Outlines educational and work experience in a time line.
Combination - Combines some of the features of functional and chronological resumes. It highlights skills and experiences as well as a brief job history.
- Highlights skills and accomplishments. This is best for individuals with little work experience, or those with gaps in employment.


Chronological Resume Image

Chronological Resume Overview (PDF)

Chronological Resume Samples

  • Bank Manager Trainee (PDF)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (PDF)
  • Fashion Internship (PDF)

Situational & Industry

Situation/Manufacturing Resume Image 

Special Situation Resume Samples

  • Age Discrimination (PDF)
  • Career Change (PDF)
  • New College Graduate (PDF)
  • Return to Work (PDF)
  • Sabbatical (PDF)
Manufacturing Resume Samples
  • Logistics: No Experience (PDF)
  • Logistics: Experience (PDF)
  • Machining/CNC: No Experience (PDF)
  • Machining/CNC: Experience (PDF)
  • Machining/General: No Experience (PDF)
  • Machining/General: Experience (PDF)
  • Mechatronics: No Experience (PDF)
  • Mechatronics: Experience (PDF)
  • Welding: No Experience (PDF)
  • Welding: Experience (PDF)

Information Technology Sample

  • Network Engineer - IT Template (MS Word)


Combination Resume Image

Combination Resumes Overview (PDF)

Combination Resumes Samples

  • Medical Laboratory Technician (PDF)
  • Sales Professional (PDF)
  • Summer Internship (PDF)


Veterans Resume Image

Veterans Resume Samples

  • Management (PDF)
  • Operations (PDF)
  • Communications (PDF)


Functional Resume Overview (PDF)

Functional Resume Samples

  • Little Work Experience (PDF)
  • Welding or Building Maintenance (PDF)
  • Accounting Internship (PDF)


Youth Resume Image

Youth Resume Samples

  • Academics (PDF)
  • Arts and Entertainment (PDF)
  • Sports (PDF)
  • Technology (PDF)
  • Other (PDF)