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​Below you will find all of the Illinois workNet materials available for you to download and print.  This includes flyers, worksheets, infographics, and much more! To preview the materials, hover over the title of the item.​

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Employment 101424306Employment 1012019-03-20T16:50:56ZEmployment 101 Flyer2/25/2019 4:43:43 PMhttp://
User Guide for Searching for WIOA Approved Training Program/Provider - Minimal Work Experience425750User Guide for Searching for WIOA Approved Training Program/Provider - Minimal Work Experience2019-07-26T21:08:21ZStep-by-step guide for searching for a WIOA Approved Training Provider/Program with minimal work experience.7/26/2019 4:08:11 PMhttp://
State of Illinois425398State Trade Listing (PDF)2020-01-09T14:18:13ZState of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity 2014R Petitions Over 85,0001/9/2020 8:17:50 AMhttp://
Using Skill and Interest Surveys 425650Using Skill and Interest Surveys 2018-10-05T18:33:04ZThis document includes an overview of the skills and interests surveys available through Illinois workNet. It also include instructions for accessing the surveys.12/21/2016 3:44:30 PM0http://
OJT_Flyer_FINAL425070OJT_Flyer_FINAL2019-01-29T22:00:08ZOJT_Flyer_FINAL1/29/2019 3:57:00 PMhttp://
Resume Checklist Packet425253Resume Checklist Packet2018-11-21T15:22:53ZUse this Checklist Packet to create your resume.11/21/2018 3:21:00 PMhttp://
Illinois Apprentice Network424272Illinois Apprentice Network2019-06-10T18:30:08ZIllinois Apprentice Network PPT from Aon Webinar on 6.4.196/10/2019 1:27:52 PMhttp://
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Overview425629Unemployment Insurance Benefits Overview2019-05-08T14:26:43ZUnemployment Insurance Benefits Overview4/11/2019 9:12:26 AMhttp://
Registered Apprenticeship Flyer_Final425239Registered Apprenticeship Flyer_Final2019-12-17T17:02:39ZRegistered Apprenticeship Flyer_Final12/17/2019 11:02:00 AMhttp://
HaloTop - IDES Unemployment Insurance Benefits Overview424191HaloTop - IDES Unemployment Insurance Benefits Overview2019-12-18T15:32:20ZHaloTop - IDES Unemployment Insurance Benefits Overview11/21/2019 10:26:35 AMhttp://