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Process Flow Overview (PDF)**

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Application Process

  • Application Instructions for Partners (PDF)
  • Application Instructions for Customers (PDF)
  • PowerPoint for Customer Application (PDF)

Documenting Customer Status

  • Case Note Tool (PDF)
  • Document Customer Eligibility, Enrollment, and Completion (PDF)
  • Document Customer Plans and Progress in their Career Plan (PDF)
  • Worksite Placement and Payroll Upload (PDF)

Illinois workNet Tools


  • CYEP Periodic Performance Report (PDF)
  • CYEP Quarterly Periodic Performance Report Form (PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions​

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  • ​November 15 2017 - CYEP Partner Tools/ Initial TA Webinar PPT (PDF)
  • Procedures Manual (PDF)**  
Fiscal Resources

Documenting Customer Status

  • Participant Employment Termination Report (PDF)