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​DHS Youth TA
July 16, 2024

​Updates from Brandon: 
  • Sent out an update about the PPR – Quarterly Youth Data Report. If you are new, you have not completed a PPR yet. We are working on that now I sent out that email with that information attached that is all the data collection that will be on the PPR mentioned when it is sent out. (Demographics, youth placement, what we will be collecting, etc.) Important to have your data updated. It is the middle of July so hopefully you have all your data updated through the end of June. If for some reason you haven’t put anything in Illinois workNet in the past couple of months, then you have some updates to make. (They may not appear for the first quarter.) The legislature asks for the data, and we need to be able to pull it from Illinois workNet. The data should be current and an accurate reflection of what your agency is doing.  

  • In June there was a stoppage made on payments. This is being resolved and we are going to expedite those payments. We are waiting on the Comptroller to be able to make those payments.  

  • Turn around for payments for June PFR are normally 2-3 weeks. But the Comptroller said we must reappropriate funds and have had a stoppage for many weeks.  

  • Next ICOY Meeting: TBD  


Dee Announcements: 

  • Have had a lot of requests about E101 items not reporting in a customer profile. I put together a document and put it on the training page. I will continue to do this for more triage items. The step-by-step guide can be found under “Triage” on the Partner Training Materials and Video page.  


  • We still have partners that are not able to access the system. You need to make sure that when you are looking at the information in user management, that you have all your partners listed under just the name  

  • Under the user management tool, you must assign your staff to your new grant organization.  

  • Click on the head icon at the top of Illinois workNet. 

  • Click Add Partner to Group. 

  • Fill out all the information and Click Search – THEN click Add Partner  

  • If your team members are already part of your organization with the old grant program, scroll down and select the old IYIP or RPSA grant program ad click the + sign under the Add/Remove Partner column.  


  • The Customer Services Report will be ready and available July 25th 7PM. 

​DHS Youth TA
July 2, 2024

  1. Your first name, last name, and agency with which you are employed, must be in the participant list during every call. If you don’t have that information on the participant list, then you did not attend this meeting.
  2.  Help Requests: I must have the following information from you when you submit a new Help Request:
    • Where you were
    • Where you were trying to go
    • What happened when you tried to go there.
    • We need at least one customer name to triage the situation.
    • If you don’t come back to the Help Request and answer the questions that I have asked in the response, then I will close your Help Request. I must be able to try to replicate your issue so I can help the programmer figure out what needs to be fixed.
  3. We have had a couple of issues the last couple of days based upon the new program year:
    • When trying to enroll someone, you couldn’t get the 24-year-olds enrolled. This issue has been fixed.
    • Fixed the issue with trying to enroll 16–24-year-olds.
  4. I do not discharge youth from the system. That is up to the provider and the youth. I get a lot of Help Requests from partners that are asking me to discharge a youth with one agency so they can work with another. You need to have that youth get in touch with the old agency to tell that agency that they want to be discharged. This is how the youth learns to work with a job or program. If they can do it with that agency, what will they do in the working world. The system will automatically discharge a youth after 90 days of inactivity on their profile. It is much better if the youth talks to the provider that they were working with. In a lot of cases, the youth needs that learning lesson and will get that agency to discharge them from their organization.
  5. Still getting a lot of Help Requests for, “I cannot see the new program when I try to enroll someone”. Under the user management tool, you must assign your staff to your new grant organization.
    • Click on the head icon at the top of Illinois workNet.
    • Click Add Partner to Group.
    • Fill out all the information and Click Search - THEN click Add Partner
    • If your team members are already part of your organization with the old grant program, scroll down and select the old IYIP or RPSA grant program and click the + sign under the Add/Remove Partner column.
  6. If you add a customer and don’t pick the right provider, then those people won’t show up in your new set of customer lists – you may have to submit a help request to change the provider. If you don’t have the right program/category, they will get enrolled in the wrong program, you won’t see any performance for the first quarter. IYIP Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 are retired with the old grant program. Your new contract may be IYIP - Short, Long or IYIP - Summer Job. You need to confirm what your contract is.
  7. The Customer Services Report issue is still a known issue.
    • On the report, one of the things that is going on with the program we just closed and the new program, there are people who may have finished things in the old project and because we must re-enroll them in the new grant, that means this report will be very useful for you.
  8. Casey Life Skills: You do need to do the Casey Life Skills Assessment again. It would be a good idea to have your customers do it when they are leaving as well so you can see if your services helped them.
  9. Uploading a document: If you upload a file and if you are uploading a CLS case plan or the CLS assessment, if you are marking it as that category, it won’t matter the actual form. They want to know if that document is there.
  10. If you accidentally enrolled someone in the wrong program, go to the Intake Review tab, click in the enrollment section, and change their category to the right one; long, short, or summer job. Leave the date you enrolled them, but it must be a date after 4/1. You should have discharged your youth from IYIP - Category I, II, III or IV, unless they turned 25 before April 1, 2024.
  11. Approving Payroll: Brandon and Nicole are backed up. If you submitted it, it is there for them to approve when they get around to it. Fiscal will work with Nicole specifically for the dollars spent.
  12. The grant from last year ended on 3/31/24. The new grant started 4/1/24 but we rolled right into the FY25 version of that grant on 7/1/24. That means, you don’t have to discharge those youth. But if you have any youth from the old grant from 3/31 those youth should have been discharged and re-enrolled in the new program.
  13. PPR Report: We haven’t gotten the new PPR from Brandon yet. For this quarter that just ended use the existing PPR. Once we get the new one from Brandon, we can make those programming updates and hopefully have that new one at the end of September. It is usually always due a month after the first quarter. But because I don’t have it from Brandon yet, it won’t be ready for this first quarter.​
  14. New Participants should not fill out the application completely on their own. Too many mistakes could happen. I would fill out the application for them. If you want to put 2-3 students on a laptop around you and you go over filling it out with them, that may work. A Helpful Hint is to have the student fill out the paper application and then go back and enter it in the system later. The link for paper version of the application can be found here to print and have the student fill out. https://www.illinoisworknet.com/DownloadPrint/Paper%20Application%20for%20DHS%20Youth%20Programs.pdf

​DHS Youth TA
June 19, 2024

​1. The new program grants started April 1st.

2. To add a customer from the previous grant:

·       Click Add Customer (Add them into a new Program/Category)

·       We currently have known issues with the following:

o   24-year-olds should be able to be added but they cannot at this time.

o   25-year-olds, anyone that just turned 25 but was enrolled previously. You should not have discharged them. We will physically move the whole record to the new provider/grant. And we are only moving those who are in a training program or employed. We are going to lose the data on these people for the previous grant  because we are moving them to the new grant.

·       Fill out the application. Much of their information should be moved over from the previous program if you are entering the same name and email address.

·       Career Plan: When they are brand new, then you would do all their career plan activities.

o   If they were part of the previous grant to the new grant, then you can mark some of these activities as evaluated/not required because they were completed during the old grant.

o   Do a new round of Casey Life Skills.

o   Go through modules and go through Post Assessment of Employment 101 because some of the customers don’t do E101 like they are supposed to.

3. Mass updating Evaluated/Not Required on participants:

·       Go to the Reports tab at the top of screen.

·       Click on Customer Services Report

·       Select your Project (DHS youth)

·       Select Subproject

·       Select Grantee

·       If you have everyone enrolled that is going to be enrolled into the new grant program, that is the best time to do this.  

·       What this does is it gives you a list of participants you have enrolled for that program.

·       Clicking on the not started number gives you a list of those customers. If they have completed this activity in during the past grant, you can change the status to “Evaluated/Not Required”.

·       This does not work as well with worksites. This is for more of the classroom like activities. 

4. Employment

·       The only thing that counts is their subsidized days if they had employment during the old grant.

·       If you are getting them a new subsidized employment, you start with day 1 and move forward. Their subsidized days should be reduced from 90 or 180 depending on the grant you now have. Counts would be 90(180) days minus the number of subsidized days they worked during the last grant.

·       If they are still employed from the previous employment of the last grant (if they are still working at the same job they were working at before) the day that they are enrolled should be their first employment date.

5. Worksite Evaluation

·       Customer Overview tab > left menu > Assessments

·       Then click Worksite Evaluation.

·       Click New Evaluation

o   Select the employment (placement) based on what you have entered for that participant.

o   You can enter it in on behalf of the Worksite.

o   It is the same form that is on the Full List of Resources

§  Worksite Evaluation of Essential Employability Skills

6. Where does Employment go?

·       From the Customer Overview tab, click on the Career Plan tab.

·       There is an activity that you can start for customers that is called, “Begin Permanent Employment as part of this program” or if you go to search activities box and type in Employment, it has start permanent employment.

·       If you are starting work experience, use a different activity. You need to have your worksites entered in the worksite placement before you add an activity to a customer’s profile.

·       The other option is on the Outcomes tab, all the way down there is an Employment section.

o   This is for employment they have been placed in after all their activities ended. Here, you don’t have to count attendance, wages, etc.

o   This is for the customers that are exited and have found permanent employment.   

7. Name Changes in the system

·       If you have a customer that needs their name changed, submit a Help Request.

·       When the name has been updated, the username will not change. 

8. Changing Enrollment Date to 4/1.

·       Please submit a Help Request list to Dee for Youth that were working through from March to the new program start date of 4/1.  Because the subsidized days follow, the youth are now limited to 90 or 180 days of subsidized employment. To have the count accurately reflect the correct number of days, we need to change the enrollment to 4/1/2024. In your list include the name and email address of the youth and the Illinois workNet ID.

9. Partner Tool Updates:

·       On the DHS Youth partner page, we have a spot here for Partner Tool Updates.

·       When an update is made to the system, it will be listed on the Partner Tool Updates.

10. Submitting a Help Request

When submitting a Help Request, please be sure to include the following information:

·       Screen shot of where you are were

·       Information of where you were/are trying to go

·       Links to the page where you were in workNet.

·       Please provide as many details as possible so Dee can assist you in a timely manner.

·       Be sure to check your email AFTER you have submitted a Help Request for any correspondence or questions that come from Dee. She may need more information from you or ask a question in relation to your Help Request.  

11. Next TA call: July 2nd at 1:30pm.

12. Office Hours

·       Office Hours are being extended through July 31st.

o   They begin at 10am on Wednesdays.

o   Please feel free to come to the call to ask Dee any questions that you may have.  

DHS Youth TA
​June 4, 2024
  • WorkNet technical assistance session, including updates on PFR workbooks and Casey life skills assessment. 0:00
    • Dee reminds participants to update agency names which is how we track attendance.
    • Brandon Bax provides updates on PPR and enrolling youth in Illinois WorkNet.
    • Employer agreements are required for subsidized jobs, but not necessary for non-subsidized jobs.
    • Casey Life Skills Assessment is only required once, unless there are major changes in the youth's situation.
  • Summer job grantee expectations, program changes, and workarounds for data issues. 9:13
    • Discussed expectations for summer job grantees, including employment hours and credential attainment.
    • Emphasizes the importance of focusing on top two sections of the Progress tab for SJ grantees.
    • Explains work around on how to access old program data for youth enrolled in the new program.
  • Youth employment program details and grant restrictions. 19:06
    • Brandon explains youth employment program details and requirements.
  • Adding users to the system and completing assessments. 26:41
    • Explains how to add team members to organizations for user management access.
    • Clarifies enrollment process for youth in IYIP programs.
  • Work plans and adding customers for a grant period. 36:27
    • Explains how to use UAT environment for testing and practicing.
    • Outlines work plan for summer program – for Summer Jobs enter 4-1-24 to 3-31-25 for only one workplan instead of splitting into two.
    • Answers questions on adding customers and creating work plans for subrecipients.
  • Tracking youth progress in career development program. 44:48
    • Suggests using PPR to track completion rate of assessments and performance measures.
  • Enrolling students in a new program, resolving eligibility issues, and submitting help requests. 52:17
    • Discuss issues with verifying a user's identity in a customer account.
    • Clarifies eligibility requirements for a program and provides guidance on submitting help requests.

​DHS Youth TA
May 21, 2024

1. First Name, Last Name, and Agency must be part of your name in Zoom when attending DHS Youth meetings. This is how Dee can take attendance during the meetings.  

In Zoom: 

·       Click Participants 

·       Click the three dots next to your name in the Participant List 

·       Click Rename 

·       Enter your First Name, Last Name and Agency Name ​

2.Brandon Announcements (IYIP Project) 

  • Expenditure Reports for April, May, and June should have been received. 

  • EDCF - Expenditure Documentation and Certification Form  

  • But now they use PFR- Periodic Financial Report  

  • Please submit your monthly expenditure workbooks (an Excel workbook that every provider will receive) to the Positive Youth Development Bureau shared email address:   

  • Advanced payments have been sent to the Comptroller.  

  • The PPR has not been sent out yet and is not due until July 15th. 

  • The normal due date will be the 15th of the month of the month following the quarter completion.  

  • The old project PPR’s were due April 30th. (Quarter 3) 

  • If someone has not submitted an FY24 (April, May, and June) contract, you should submit your signature page to get your contract registered with the Comptroller.   

3. Jacob Announcements (RPSA) 

  • Make sure everyone is logged into Illinois Worknet if you are providing employment services and registering all your participants in the system, because you are required for the NOFO.  

  • There are only 220 active customers in the system that are receiving RPSA services.  

  • If your customers are not in the system, they do not exist.  

  • The April 16th training date is important for the start to finish of how to get people enrolled into the system.  

  • The enrollment date can only be two weeks backdated.  

  • All youth will complete their Career Cluster Inventory. 

  • The E101 pre assessment work readiness activities and post assessments are necessary to demonstrate Work Readiness Skills improvement.  

  • We are still processing your FY25 continuations. We are busy with that. Make sure you update all your budgets that have been rejected. There are still some people who haven’t updated them since they were rejected in April Get that squared away so you can get your contact sent to you because we need that approved before that happens.  


The April 16th training date is important for the start to finish of how to get people enrolled into the system.  


5. Open Office hours tomorrow will be from 1-2pm to get your questions answered by Dee. The session will not be recorded. We will be doing open office hours through the middle of June.  

6. If the youth has taken the Employment 101 in the last year, then the class (modules) are good. We have not gotten the programming completed that will clear that information out after a yearEmployment 101 will be cleared out when a youth has been discharged after a year.  

7. When your people have a payroll open and it is shown on the list, it means they still have an open worksite activity that has not been closed. You must put a completion status and an end date to close out an activity.  

8. If you are paying the youth, there should be a social security number that has been entered for the youth. It should really only be the last 4 on the payroll template that has been taken from the customer payroll. You do not need to enter an SSN number until you are doing eligibility.  

9. User Management: Your Program Manager needs to have User Management access to add office staff.  If you see a head icon at the top of Illinois workNet when you sign in, then you have User Management Access. Everybody who is a partner in the system has access to all the customers. It is the Program Manager that controls who has access from your agency.  

How to get new users into the system: 

·       Click User Management at the top (Person icon) 

·       Click Add Partner  

o   First Name 

o   Last Name 

o   Birth Date 

o   Phone Number and/or Extension 

o   Email 

o   Zip Code 

o   Type in Organization or Group name and click Search button. 

o   If No account has been found. Click Yes, next to create one.  

o   Click Add Partner button 

  • Write down the username and (temporary) Password that is created for them.  


Submit a Help Request if someone is showing in User Management that is no longer with your agency.  


10. Submitting a Help Request  

  • How to submit a Help Request: (Please include details, screenshots, and links in your Help Request.) 
    1. Click Help Request from the dropdown menu in the top right of the Customer Support Center/IWIS.   
    2. Click the Help Request button in the middle of the screen of the Help Desk powered by Illinois workNet. 
    3. Put your question(s) or issue(s) in the Description field.     
    4. Select DHS Youth from the Category field. 
    5. Select the appropriate Subcategory field.  

  • Known Issues on the Help Desk  

  • Known issues will now be shown on the Help Desk landing page to let you know what issues we are aware of and working on resolving them. 

​DHS Youth TA
May 7, 2024

​1. Attendance: RPSA, IYIP, HYES all join these calls.  

First Name, Last Name, and Agency must be part of your name in Zoom when attending DHS Youth meetings. This is how Dee can take attendance during the meetings.  *Image can be found on Partner page of how to rename yourself. 

In Zoom: 

  • Click Participants  
  • Click the three dots next to your name in the Participant List  
  • Click Rename  
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name and Agency Name  

2. Updates: 

  • Brandon Updates: Just had management meeting last Thursday 5-2-24. There was a lot of information shared along with the PowerPoint. Email was sent out with the presentation. Brandon is still going through emails from the meeting and questions. If you have a question, please try to find the answer first before sending out the question. Emails from Brandon and Nicole will be sent out in terms of budget. Email Brandon if you need the recording to listen to. If there is someone who added or deleted to your staff working at your agency, please keep Brandon and Nicole updated. All PPR’s are due on the July 15th 
  • Jacob Updates: Busy with FY 25 renewals and working on them. Keep them updated with any staff updates so they can update their directory.  
  • Julie – there will not be HYES in FY25 

3. No programming updates. 

4. If you have User Management access, that is how you are going to add the rest of your team members to your project. You will know that you have this access, because you will see a head icon at the top of workNet.  

5. Worksite placements - To place a youth in a job, you must have worksites in the system. The work site placement icon looks like a bulleted list at the top of the customer support center menu in Illinois workNet. You need to look for employment through work experience or work-based learning, whatever it is that you decide to select for your agency so that you are being consistent. The employment type that you will select and everything except for permanent employment gives you the opportunity to add a timeframe so that the completion of the activity is successful or unsuccessful. If you selected permanent employment, that means that you are terminating the employment for that youth then if you are providing subsidized wages are the employer of record. Then you will add the worksite and my suggestion to you is when you get to the job is to leave the job with the current calendar year or grant year if you want do it that way.  

6. Putting people in test in production: Do not do this. Dee cannot remove them. This person is now going to be part of your data denominator now. Duplicate employers cannot be deleted either. We are working on creating user accounts to work in a testing environment. Dee hopes to have those out by May 13th. See #11 below. 

7. The link for Casey Life Skills can be sent to participants if you feel they can use it correctly. 

8. If we have more applicants than are budgeted for, do they go in the system or only add the ones that we will hire? Dee suggests entering all of them. And because some of them might quit after a week, you would still have money to allocate for somebody else. 

9. I have one participant who looks like they've been in this program before. I tried to enroll them under our program, it just won't let us and it's marking in red that they are already 24 years old. You can add them if they have not hit their 25th birthday. After you get all the information entered and you search for an existing customer, it says that there is an existing account for this person. What you can do then is just complete the initial application with the customer. Enrollment doesn't happen until after you get the application done, after you've reviewed it for eligibility, and after they have been enrolled.  

10. Is the Casey Life Skills Assessment the only mandatory assessment before the participant can start working? It is the only assessment that's mandatory.  The participant can begin working they just have to finish those requirements for performance. When looking at a customer’s performance page, which is the progress page, they can be working part time and still participating in some of the other activities. These two are not mutually exclusive to each other. The participant does need to be enrolled. On the Progress tab, on the customer profile, it shows that these are the pieces that need to be completed for good performance. It is the Career Cluster Inventory, Casey Life Skills, Employment 101, and if they are not currently in school, are they willing to go back to school? If they already have a diploma, then all the school parameters are negated. Then we have all the life skills outcomes that must be done. 

11. Test Environment: I'm getting partners added into the system. Then you can use the UAT system so that you can put in test customers instead of putting them in the live data. I hope to have those entered and available by the end of the week. I will send out some sort of message, probably an email to your agency. I have a contact list from your contract that I will send information to each agency. The data that you enter in UAT will be erased overnight. You can continue practicing with what you need to do.  

12. How do you change the provider so the clients we rolled over from the previous program show up in the new program? I need to work with my programmer to see if I can do a mass movement. Otherwise, you must submit a help request and have it changed manually. The one thing that you can make sure to do is exit any youth from that previous program who do not need to be moved into the new program. Then I can potentially do a mass change over to the new Provider and new Program. The challenge is that you can't move them to the new provider unless you enroll them again. So that's an option you can discharge them from the old program and enroll them into the new program. I will send out directions by the group mailing. 

​13. Open Office Hours: I have scheduled office hours from 10am to 11am every Wednesday until June 12, 2024. If you have questions, Dee will be on the Zoom link listed on the partner page. If no one joins the call, Dee will end it at 10:30am. 

​DHS Youth TA
April 30, 2024
1. Brandon Announcements: (Listen to the recording for more information.) 
  • There will be an IYIP Management Meeting on Thursday May 2nd, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm.  This meeting will be an introduction to the new IYIP grants and is required for IYIP Summer Job and IYIP Short and Long-Term providers. Please plan to have at least one managerer present.  If you have not yet registered, please do so on our website here: https://www.icoyouth.org/event/iyip-management-meeting/ 

  • Budgets are still being approved for FY24 contracts. Your signature page must be submitted before your budget can be approved.

  • Advanced Payment Forms and PDF (Expenditure and Documentation form): If you are an IYIP provider, you will receive that soon for the April, May, and June months. However, all budgets need to be approved first. You should receive the Advanced Payment Form by the end of the day tomorrow.  We will process them as soon as the form is completed correctly and the totals align, then we will submit it within 24-48 hours. The turnaround with the Comptroller is 2-3 weeks.  

  • Youth Working Remote: If you are doing a subsidized job, it must be done in person. The youth cannot work from home. If it is not subsidized, then it can be remote work if that is what the employer has as the job duties.  

2. First Name, Last Name, and Agency must be part of your name in Zoom when attending DHS Youth meetings. This is how Dee can take attendance during the meetings.  Check the image at the top of this page

In Zoom: 

  • Click Participants 

  • Click the three dots next to your name in the Participant List 

  • Click Rename 

  • Enter your First Name, Last Name and Agency Name 

3. User Management: Your Program Manager needs to have User Management access to add office staff

If you see a head icon at the top of Illinois workNet when you sign in, then you have User Management Access. Everybody who is a partner in the system has access to all the customers. It is the Program Manager that controls who has access from your agency.  

How to get new users into the system: 

  • ​Click User Management at the top (Person icon) 
  • Click Add Partner  

    • ​First Name 
    • Last Name 
    • Birth Date 
    • Phone Number and/or Extension 
    • Email 
    • Zip Code 
  • ​Type in Organization or Group name and click Search button. 
  • ​If No account has been found. Click Yes, next to create one.  
  • Click Add Partner button 
  • Write down the username and (temporary) Password that is created for them.  

4. DHS Youth Partner Page: https://www.illinoisworknet.com/dhsyouthpartners 

5. Adding a customer to a worksite: 

    • ​​Add worksites to Worksite Placement – if you are subsidizing employment, your agency is the employer, the place they go to work is the worksite, bonus tip – lable the job with the year so that if you have the same job next year, you know which one to select.
    • From the customer profile, select Complete a Work Experience (or similar as long as your agency is consistent.) 
    • Select the worksite and save.
    • If you track attendance in the activity, you do not have to upload a timesheet. 

6. Be sure to utilize the Full List of Resources before submitting a new Help Request. Full List of Resources: https://www.illinoisworknet.com/partners/CYEPpartners/Pages/Resources.aspx 

7. Assistance with Trainings: 

  • Watch the recording from April 16th 
  • Full List of Resources: Watch Tutorials in order.  
  • Read instructions 

8. Open Office Hours: Are going to be from 10-11 Wednesday mornings the entire month of May. You can login and ask Dee questions.  

9. Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 7th at 1:30pm ​

​DHS Youth TA
April 16, 2024
​Summary - training for New IYIP - Summer Job partners​
  • Adding and managing youth customers in a system. 0:06

  • Enrolling youth in a summer job program. 11:07

  • Youth enrollment and eligibility verification in a job training program. 21:20

  • IwN enrollment and employment activities for youth. 33:32

  • Worksite and employer for summer job grant. 44:17

  • Career development and worksite placement for youth. 54:04

  • Casey Life Skills assessment and training for DHS youth programs. 1:01:57

  • Adding users to a grant management system. 1:13:3

​DHS Youth TA
April 2, 2024
  1. Upcoming release. April 4, 7PM The fix for the selection of the agency to resolve the error when adding an activity to a customer career plan. 

  • Dee is waiting for Brandon to send Dee a list of the people who have been awarded new contracts. As soon as Dee gets that list, she will add the organizations. If Brandon sends the program manager’s name along with it, she will add that person to the organization. If the organization already exists then they will stay in place.  
  • Refresh and Review Training on April 10th. New users will be able to participate, and other partners will refresh if there is something new they need to know. Dee will get this on the calendar on the partner page.  
  • Julie – No announcements for HYES 
  • Brandon For NOFO, the funding decisions are still being finalized. Tomorrow would be the earliest that you would hear. If you submitted an application for funding, you will hear either way if you were or were not chosen to be funded. There have been at least 3 or 4 current providers that called and emailed about contract extensions. The grants ended on March 31st and there is no extension. All the detailed information you need about the expenditure report or the 3rd quarter (final) PPR (due April 30th), all the information you need is in the detailed information Brandon sent out in the contract close out email sent on the 3/21 or 3/22. If you have any questions, then email Brandon.  
  • If you submit a Help Request, be sure to check the Help DeskDee may have questions that she needs answers to.  
  1. To upload anything on a youth’s career plan: 

  • On the Customer Overview tab, on the left side menu, click Uploads 
  • Click the Upload File button. It is suggested to upload a PDF. 
  • If you are using the resume tool, that is a different feature and function and you have to be given permission on the youth’s profile to work inside of the tool.  

HYES Grantees 

Resources:   DHS Youth Partner page link: https://www.illinoisworknet.com/dhsyouthpartners 

Running the PPR: 

Reports > DHS youth PPR Report 

This report is a “point in time” or what is going on today. If you want to see differences, the PPR should be run at different points in time. There is a discrepancy between data at different days. That will be reviewed and hopefully released on the 18th. ​

​DHS Youth TA
Mar 19, 2024
1. If you are still having issues logging into Illinois workNet, make sure you clear your cookies and cache for at least 10 days. We went to a new server and that information is a little different so your pages will look a little different and it may prevent you from accessing the site. Clear your Cookies/Cache (using the directions below depending on which browser you are using) then click Ctrl+F5 to update so you can log in to Illinois workNet. 


  • Click the Three dots in the upper right corner 
  • Click History 
  • Click History on the next screen that opens 
  • Select Clear Browsing data 
  • Select Cookies and Cache 
  • Clear 


  • Click the Hamburger icon (three horizontal Lines top right corner) 
  • Click History 
  • Click Clear Recent History 
  • Click Cookies and Cache 
  • Clear Now 


  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner 
  • Click Settings 
  • Click Privacy, search, and services 
  • Click Clear Browsing data now (near the bottom) 
  • Click Cookies and Cache 
  • Click Clear Now 

​2. Casey Lifeskills goals (Have been getting a lot of Help Requests for this.) 

We have a lot of goals that are prepopulated. On the Career Plan tab, if your customer creates a goal as a part of Employment 101 or Casey Life goals that they are setting with you, you may see a goal that does not have any activities associated. For example, “Get new glasses so I can see clearly.” The category would be independent living. Click Add next to the goal (step 2 of the career plan), under Add Services/Activities – search “Case Plan Activity” and add it to the personalized goal - “Get new glasses so I can see clearly”.  

Then all you must do on that Case Plan Goal is add the details when you are looking at the description, explain in the Note section for why you have added it to that particular goal 

Another issue reported in the help requests is errors if the service provider is not selected. If you are picking up a Youth who was previously enrolled with another agency, you may have to enter your agency in the “Other Provider” section. We have the programmer scheduled to review this with a release planned for April 4th. In the meantime, visit the status tab and the Service provider tab prior to marking Update Customer Service. 

3. On the Reports tab (at the top), under DHS Youth, we have the Customer Services Report. This is a great way to catch up with your activities for your participants if you are trying to catch a lot of people up at the same time.  

  • Select Project

  • Select Sub-Project 

  • Select Grantee 

  • Filter 

What this will do is give you a list of all the activities for this group of people. One of the things that you would do is look at those that are not started or those without an activity or service. Click on that number, it gives you a list of those customers, then you can mark them as started or evaluated/not required. One of the things it does not like is if you mark them as Planned /Started, you cannot mark them as completed. The system does not like mixed statuses for the same person. Go do one person, make sure they have every activity for your project, you should have all the appropriate activities for that person. 

4. Brandon: All funds for IYIP, AIYIP and AICI grants must be spent by March 31.  Any unspent or leftover funds will be delegated back to the State just the same as when normal contracts end for a fiscal year.  

In this case, the contract fiscal year 2024 will end on March 31. March 31st at midnight, all funds in your contract must be spent.  

Final Expenditure report is due April 15th. The Expenditure report is always due on the 15th of the month for the previous month. For the Program Report (what you use IL workNet for) the PPR Report is due on the 30th of April. 

Things are moving very quickly for the new grant awards. If you applied for summer jobs grant, those are almost done, and you will be notified soon. Everyone will be notified by the end of the month whether you are funded or not funded  

5. On the Partner page we have added new resources for the PPR:

The recorded instructions are on the left-hand column, under Tutorials, of the TA & and Training Materials.   The written instructions are on the left-hand column of the Full List of Resources under the Reporting section.  

6. Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 2nd

1:30-2:30pm ​

​DHS Youth TA
March 5, 2024

Dee forgot to hit record for the session. She will record a video for the PPR and upload to the list on the left.

  • There is a new User Acceptance Training platform now. Dee will provide each agency with one log-in and password per agency.  You can login and practice before you work in the system.  Use this at your agency for in-house training.  
  • One of the things noticed on the DHS Youth customer profile, it is always good to include Integrated Resource Team contacts on the customer overview. If you want to add any resource team members, you can click on one and save them.  Then you have all of your team members added to the customer.   
  • When adding a case note, it gives you the opportunity to send it as a workNet message and an email. Many have been selecting send to Illinois workNet to fix something. You do not have to select Illinois workNet. If something is wrong, submit a Help Request instead of copying something in a case note. Dee has been getting several messages to the workNet team.   
  1. The PPR is due by the end of April. Go to Reports > DHS Youth PPR 
  • One of the things about the PPR is that it provides a “point in time" information. It is not cumulative information.  
  • It is important to run this at one time, export the results. Then later on, run it again, so you can see the difference. You can report by date range or by Quarter. 
  • Provide a date range, pick your provider, pick the program, select a Report Section and click Filter.  You will see the numbers for who answered what on their application. You can go from section to section to see what those responses are.  This portion of the report gives you numbers.   
  • If you go to the report by quarters and start with a particular Fiscal Year and Quarter, pick the report section and you will see that numbers change to rolling quarters.  You can verify information against other quarters.  
  • If you are looking for the dollar values, (Subsidies, wages, and incentives). This is based off the subsidized placement that you put in for your youth. If you don't have a dollar value showing, go back to your customers that what you are anticipating you will see if what you actually see. You will get that actual information in the report by date.  
  • I highly recommend you run your report a couple times during the quarter.   
  • You can also export the report.  
  • If you want to look specifically by a particular performance measure, pick the specific performance measure and click Filter.  
  • Under the Advanced Search, we have Age, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and County. If you pick a specific measure, search by a specific age, pick an ethnicity, and gender, click filter. The more parameters you put in there, the more numbers you will get. It is easier to break it down by one age, one race, one gender etc at a time. 
  • When you upload the Payroll, it is grabbing the dollar amounts you upload to the system from the payroll template.  For the hours worked, you must use the attendance to gather the hours in order for the information to be accurate.  
  • Race option “Prefer not to answer" is not showing on the paper form. Reach out to Brandon about this.   
  • PPR Resource: https://www.illinoisworknet.com/DownloadPrint/Periodic%20Performance%20Report%20Category%20-%20Partners.pdf  
  • Disregard “Latest Customer Goals/Plan Agreement" section on the customer's plan Overview.  This is not required for DHS Youth. ​

​DHS Youth TA
February 20, 2024
  • DHS technical assistance call for February 20th. 0:15

    • Dee Reinhardt kicks off DHS technical assistance call, autopilot taking notes.

  • Resolving technical issues in a healthcare platform. 4:03

    • Dee Reinhardt and Roxanna Montecillo discuss upcoming push items and resolve issues with provider uploads, case note deletion, and customer discharge.

  • Enrolling youth in agency, case notes, and PPR review. 7:19

    • Dee Reinhardt receives many help requests from partners to discharge youth from previous agency, with most participants being active.

    • Dee Reinhardt discusses ways to improve customer discharge processes and provides updates on upcoming reviews.

  • Digital vs. paper case notes and worksite evaluation. 11:13

    • Dee Reinhardt confirms that all case notes can be digital, saving paper.

    • Oteesah Johnson struggles to access the worksite evaluation survey on the partner page, and Dee Reinhardt provides alternative instructions for accessing the survey.

  • Customer information and meeting preparation. 14:50

    • Oteesah Johnson shares her experience with a product that didn't meet expectations.

DHS Youth Training 
February 14, 2024
  • DHS youth programs and tools for partners. 0:02
    • Dee Reinhardt, project manager for Illinois workNet, discusses the tool and its features with the group.
    • Participants can find resources and recordings on the partner page, including tutorials and meeting notes.
    • Speaker 1 provides resources for youth workers, including PDFs, training tutorials, and contact lists.
    • Partner page updates include last production push changes, fixes, and enhancements, as well as known issues and upcoming events.
  • Adding customers to a system. 8:31
    • Partners can search for customers by name, provider, fiscal year, program, or performance measure.
    • Speaker 1 demonstrates how to add a customer to a system, providing name and email address.
    • Speaker 1 explains how to verify customer information during the application process.
  • Completing an application for a state program. 15:06
    • Speaker 1 asks questions to determine if potential employee is authorized to work in the US and has a high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Speaker 1 also inquires about the potential employee's employment goals, travel arrangements, and work-related skills and strengths.
    • Speaker 1 provides detailed instructions for completing an application for social services, including entering personal information and selecting race and ethnicity categories.
    • Speaker 1 explains the application process for a program, including verifying eligibility and entering demographic information.
    • Speaker 1 highlights the importance of verifying social security numbers and checking boxes for potential challenges that may need to be overcome.
  • Enrolling customers in a program and tracking progress. 24:45
    • Speaker 1 enrolls an out-of-school youth in a program, verifying their eligibility and completing the enrollment process.
    • Speaker 1 discusses backdating enrollment mandates and notes the importance of keeping track of training progress.
    • The system allows users to view and update customer contact information, reset passwords, and access assessments, case notes, and resumes.
  • Assessment and goal-setting for career development. 31:40
    • Speaker 1 discusses KC Life Skills Assessment for employment one on one worksite evaluation, with a focus on case studies and assessment results.
    • Speaker 1 explains how to complete the Casey LifeSkills assessment and upload the results to the participant's career plan.
    • Speaker 1 demonstrates how to edit an activity in a career plan, including adding dates and items, and evaluating self-care.
  • Adding work experience to a youth's profile. 40:02
    • Speaker 1 discusses work experience activities for youth, including completing work experience and adding services and activities.
    • Speaker 1 explains how to add work experience to a customer's profile in a training session.
  • Entering job information for a client in a work experience program. 46:40
    • Mike provides worksite information for medical equipment repair.
    • Speaker 1 encounters a glitch while entering information for a work experience placement.
  • Tracking attendance and uploading timesheets in a career development program. 52:51
    • Speaker 1 updates a customer's information in a case note, including their start date and hours worked.
    • Speaker 1 explains how to track attendance and enter hours for workshops using the Illinois Work NET app or timesheet.
    • Speaker 1 clarifies how to upload timesheets and certificates of completion in the career plan.
  • Employment training and payroll submission. 1:00:54
    • Employment 101 certificate of completion is not required to be uploaded.
    • Speaker 1 demonstrates how to upload payroll information for a DHS youth program participant on the Brightpoint platform.
    • Speaker 1 ensures payroll accuracy by double-checking worksite placement.
  • Payroll and assessment processes for career planning. 1:08:03
    • Speaker 1 explains how to use payroll work sites, including uploading documents and viewing synopses.
    • Assessments are crucial for customer discharge and AYP completion.
    • Speaker 1 discusses the importance of follow-up KC life skills assessments and provides instructions on how to use the Brightpoint platform.
    • Speaker 1 plans to enroll 50 youth and complete 35 of them by the start date of July 12th.
  • Tracking progress in a youth program. 1:16:10
    • Speaker discusses using a grant management system to track project progress and compliance.
    • Speaker 1 demonstrates how to update activity statuses in a project.
    • Speaker tracks changes and outcomes for customers on dashboard.
  • Completing evaluations and adding new partners in a youth services system. 1:23:10
    • Speaker 1 explains how to complete evaluations for youth in the system.
    • Speaker 4 requests ability to input supervisor's name in a fillable line for staff members.
    • Speaker 1 explains how to add new partners to a project in Brightpoint, including required fields and search criteria.

​DHS Youth TA
February 6, 2024

Items for Upcoming Release: 
·         Group Attendance 
o    We can track people's attendance by group.  What was happening was we were missing the HYES providers and the RPSA providers.  We are going to push out now that we have those providers there so after Thursday night if you do not have any activities in your list, then there's something else going on and the people must be assigned to that activity for you to be able to track their attendance.  Now everybody should be able to use this group attendance list for those activities. 
·         Overview tab was missing a green light for Upload Payroll 
o    On the Overview tab, we were missing a green light on the Upload payroll.  What that was looking for was payroll that had been approved.  Now it will just look to make sure that you have the payroll uploaded for that customer.  You will want to take a look at that if you were wondering why it would never turn green. 
·         Updated the My Training on the Partner page. 
o    We updated the links for the DHS youth training. We have thumbnails here and we have new versions of the training videos.   
o    We also have the tutorials listed and they are shown as links.    
o    TA & Training Materials Link: https://beta.illinoisworknet.com/partners/CYEPpartners/Pages/TrainingMaterials.aspx 
·         Customer Application 
o    On the Race section, because of the difference between Ethnicity and Race, we decided to add definitions if somebody is wondering what their race is.  The definitions are based on the US Census and they describe what each of the races are identified as and then what the ethnicity is whether or not they are Hispanic.  You can use these definitions to help people define what race they should be.   Then they can choose whether or not they are Hispanic. 
·         Automatic feed for when a customer is enrolled. 
o    This will only happen with new customers moving forward.  Click on an activity, and it will automatically populate your agency as the service provider so that you don't have to go in.  This is a big help for some of you who are trying to make sure that you're able to track dollar values of service or attendance or any of those sorts of things without having to click on this tab. 
o    Unfortunately, all the older customers will have to have those items checked.  

Brandon Updates: 
·         Two separate NOFO's posted with links to both. (Probably received two or three emails from DHS.positiveyouthdevelopment.com) 
o    IYIP: Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 9 am.   
o    IYIP – (SJ) Summer Jobs: Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 11am.  
·         There is a registration link.   
·         There is an FAQ posted on the site that will be updated daily.  
·         Dee sent out an email on behalf of Brandon.  If you did not get it, be sure to check your junk mail.  

IYIP NOFO links where you will find bidders conference registration information:

The IYIP NOFO can be found here: IDHS: Illinois Youth Investment Program FY24/25 Notice of Funding Opportunity (24-444-80-3356-01) (state.il.us)


If you have questions about this NOFO and/or would like to attend a Technical Assistance Session (Bidder’s Conference), please refer to IDHS: Illinois Youth Investment Program Technical Assistance, Questions and Answers and Appendices (24-444-80-3356-01) (state.il.us)


The IYIP-SJ NOFO can be found here: IDHS: Illinois Youth Investment Program - Summer Jobs (IYIP-SJ) FY 24/25 Notice of Funding Opportunity (24-444-80-3357-01) (state.il.us)


If you have questions about this NOFO and/or would like to attend a Technical Assistance Session (Bidder’s Conference), please refer to IDHS: FY24/25 Illinois Youth Investment Program-Summer Jobs Appendices, Technical Assistance Session, Questions & Answers (state.il.us)

Getting in touch with other agencies 
·         On the partner page, under the full list of resources on the right-hand side under more resources, there is a link to a google sheet. Dee has asked several times that you keep this updated so we can have the most recent contact information for your agency. 

Link: https://beta.illinoisworknet.com/partners/CYEPpartners/Pages/Resources.aspx 
·         This way you can be contacted by somebody who might be trying to find out about a participant. With our automatic discharge happening after 90 days of inactivity, it's become a little bit easier for partners to enroll others in a program. 

Multiple Customer Profiles  
·         Got a Help Request recently for a youth that had four profiles, three different emails, and all of them had the same birth date.  
·         I had to deactivate three accounts just to be able to let the person get enrolled when you have a situation like that going on and we must make an update.  
·         You can get them added you know invite them to the system, get them enrolled.   Then on a customer's profile we have the ability for you to update contact info. When you make these changes, it allows you to change that email address. It allows you to change the phone number and then a reason for the change. Make sure that you're updating those things because then it will update that customer's profile. If you need to change a name or social, any of those sorts of things, you do have to submit a help request for that.  

Overview page, under Career Plan section is showing red.  
·         On the Overview page, under the Career Plan section it is showing red.   
·         On the customer career plan, under Review Assessment, then on the Summary tab you can Add/Edit an assessment and you can use this tool to help you write the case plan for Casey Life Skills because there are all these different areas.   

Self-Evaluation Fix 
You should be able to click Take next to an assessment in the Self Evaluation box on the Overview tab.   
Training: DHS Youth new and seasoned users refresh from start to finish 
Date: February 14th 10am-11:30am (You do not need to register.) 
The link can be found here: https://beta.illinoisworknet.com/partners/cyepPartners/Pages/default.aspx 

DHS Youth TA 
​January 30, 2024
​  1.Announcements from Brandon 

The second quarter PPR is due todayIn case your organization has not submitted your second quarter ppr: remember to put your name and date on the bottom for the signature portion, service area, and fill out the identifying information at the top (If you are doing Category 2 and 3 – make sure to put your identifying information (contract #)  Some PPR’s – the whole top portion is blank (even missing the name of the agency  Releasing the NOFO’s You should hear about these anytime They are just finalizing the language. Be sure to keep the middle of February open (week of Valentine’s Day) Be ready to attend the 3-hour conference virtually via WEBEX.  

2. Youth Apprenticeship Week (May 5th – May 11th  This is the first year there is going to be a youth-apprenticeship week.  Link https://www.apprenticeship.gov/youth-apprenticeship-week/resources 

3. Items from previous release: 

  • On the Outcomes > Employment section is designed for permanent employment for your participants after they are done with the program These currently report to items 34 and 35 on the PPR You cannot enter employment unless the participant’s active date is there.  If you try to enter employment for 10/1/2023 but you don’t have any activities started until 10/2 you won’t be able to enter it. The bold date in the text is a manufactured date for each customer That is the earliest employment date that you can use for employment entered here Don’t enter employment here unless your customer is done and has found permanent unemployment.  
  • On the Intake and Review tab, for the enrollment status date, we have set a 2-week pre-dating of the enrollment That pre-dating of the enrollment is based upon the verification date We understand that you start working with a youth and maybe you don’t get something verified like a Social Security number but you started working with them because you know they are getting it for you You cannot use an enrollment date earlier than 2 weeks of their verification date.   
  • To get Employment 101 to display for DHS Youth, the youth must be enrolled, the career plan has to be initiated and DHS Youth has to be selected at the start of E101. To activate a career plan you have to go to step 3 add steps and services and open the tab.  If you want to open some activities that is a plus, but you need to at least have opened their activities and see a date at the top You will also see some last updated dates of the date you last activated their profile ID.   
  • On the assessments, the Worksite evaluation and Observational assessment should be working now You should be able to take them and save them now.   
  • There is currently an issue with a customer not being able to take the self-evaluation from their profileThere are two workarounds.
    • You can give them the paper version and enter the information they provided in the self-evaluation section
    • Or if they start doing the Employment 101 Guide, the self-evaluation link works in the module. 
  • Fixed an issue for subsidized payroll.   
  • Worksite Placement “upload payroll to be reviewed and approved” must be approved for this button to turn green. (Dee is working with Brandon on this.) 
  • When submitting a Help Request, please give Dee enough information so that she can triage the situation to determine whether it is a user or system error The more information the better!  

Ending a customer’s previous Worksite 

Under activities/services, edit complete a paid work experience (or any other worksite placement activity) Make the Subsidized Wage or Training Wage match field zero, fill in the End Date, fill in the Subsidized End Date, Status should be either successful or unsuccessful.    

Editing a Customer’s Password  On the customer’s profile, click Reset Password and provide the customer with a temporary password They can then log in with the temporary password and change it.  

Next PPR is due 4/30/2024. 

​DHS Youth TA
January 16, 2024
​Employment 101 

We had some issues with customers not being able to access their E101 profile If they are trying to access it with an account not associated with DHS Youth, then they will not be able to select DHS Youth when starting Employment 101 The user needs to use the username associated with their DHS Youth profile. Best practice would be to initiate the career plan, and open E101 for them by selecting DHS Youth. Give them the Username with which they need to log in.

Known Issues on the Help Desk  

Known issues will now be shown on the Help Desk landing page to let you know what issues we are aware of and working on resolving them.  

Earned Credentials 
Youth Age – If a youth’s next birthday is going to make them ineligible for the program, you must get their application submitted and enrolled in the system before that date. 

DHS Youth TA 
​January 10, 2024
1. Items for Upcoming Release: 

  • Resolved Employment 101 issue The participant must have a functioning Career Plan before they can start E101. To activate their Career Plan, click on the Career Plan tab then step 3 Activities This will activate their Career Plan and make Employment 101 available to begin.   
  • Fixed the link for the Self Evaluation Summary.   
  • Added the ability to add Repeating Appointments.   
  • Fixed the Export button on Case Notes.   

2. Training: DHS Youth new and seasoned users refresh from start to finisher 

Date and Time: February 14th 10-11:30am 

3.DHS Youth recordings have been updated (Tutorials) 

All DHS Youth tutorials have been updated and can be found here: on the Training Materials & Videos and on the Full list of resources pages of the DHS Youth partner page. https://beta.illinoisworknet.com/partners/CYEPpartners/Pages/TrainingMaterials.aspx 

4. Announcements from Brandon: 

  • New NOFO information should be released this month, January 2024 

If you have not heard anything by February, then reach out to Brandon. Be sure to check your emailBrandon has sent out emails to some Providers about Quarter 2 information. 

​5. No Announcements for HYES or RPSA.