CYEP Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How to do I add CYEP youth to the partner tools in Illinois workNet?

    ​Youth are added in the CYEP partner tools when they start/submit the CYEP online application.  Once they select the provider, within the application, approved provider staff will have access the the customer/youth.  The application is available here.

  2. What is the process of ordering NOCTI 21st Century?

    Use this link below to access the Partner Guide for Ordering the NOCTI.

  3. What should I do if I am not able to locate the progress tab when I'm in my customers information screen?

    You must have a partner account and granted access to the CYEP partner tools.  

    Then you can access the tools from or:

    1. Log into

    2. Select My Dashboard.

    3. Select Partner Tools.

    4. Select Customer Support Center.

    5. Select the Groups in the top menu.

    6. Select Community Youth Employment Program.

    7. Select the customer's name to access their information.

    8. Select the Progress tab.

     Use this link to access instructions for the Progress Page.