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Step: Background check and worksite agreement.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff            

Description: Ensure supervisors have a background check.

Complete a worksite agreement.

Identify the number of part-time and full-time positions.

Background Check

DCEO Worksite Assessment (Word)

DHS CYEP Worksite Assessment (Word)

DCEO Work Experience Program Worksite Agreement (Word)

DHS CYEP Worksite Agreement (Word)

Step: Enter employer and worksite information.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: ​Enter the employer and worksite information into Illinois workNet SYEP tools.

  • Employer contact information
  • Worksite(s) for the employer
  • Number of part/full-time positions
Employer and Worksite Entry Instructions (PDF)

​Step: Connect youth to a worksite(s).

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Assign youth to a worksite.  Enter in the position information.

  • Regular/Supervisor
  • Part/full-time

Youth may be assigned to more than one worksite.

Assign Youth To A Worksite (PDF)

​Step: Maintain a record of hours worked.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff


Description: ​Youth complete and turn in their timesheet.

​DCEO Youth Timesheet (Excel)

​​Step: Complete post-program surveys and submit success stories.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Ask youth and employers to provide a success story and complete the post-program survey.

Employer: Post-Program Survey

Success Story Page

Youth: How To Submit Your Success Story (PDF)

Youth: Post-Program Survey