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Step: Understand the SYEP Tools.
Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: All partner staff need a clear understanding of:

  • SYEP requirements
  • SYEP Tools
Read guidance materials and participate in training.

Download Resources

SYEP Videos and Materials

Training Registration

Step: Set up SYEP Provider sites. 

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Regional contacts ensure the ATIM locations are correctly identified in Illinois workNet.

Review map for accuracy:

  • Contact information
  • Programs offered

Step: Set Up Staff (ONLY) Accounts    

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Staff will need an Illinois workNet account.

Staff need to have access to SYEP to:

  • View applications
  • Enroll youth
  • View assessment results
  • Set up worksites and assign youth to worksites
  • Upload payroll and expenditure reports.  

Staff will be able to see youth for their location only unless there is a request for specific additional sites.

IMPORTANT: Staff need to use the SYEP Partner Guide to access the current instructions, tools, and updates.

Setup an Illinois workNet workforce partner account.

To give additional staff access to SYEP tools, send their name and location with a request for access via email.

How To Access SYEP Partner Guide for Instructions, Resources, and Tools (PDF)

Step: Recruit Potential Participants and Orientation.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Conduct your program orientation to determine whether potential candidates are interested in participating.

​Distribute participant flyer with the application link.

SYEP Website

Program Overview (PDF)

SYEP Youth Flyer PDF (English) (Spanish)

Application questions (Word) (PDF) (Spanish PDF)

Step: Youth Apply Online.

Responsible Person(s):

Provider Staff & Youth

Description:  Youth must complete an online application on the NEW SYEP 2014 site.

IMPORTANT! - Do NOT direct them to the same site that was used in SYEP 2013.

​Distribute participant flyer with the application link.

NOTE: Many youth do not know answers to the eligibility questions regarding family income. Give them the application questions in advance so they are prepared to complete the application online.

​Application questions (Word) (PDF) (Spanish PDF)

SYEP Youth Flyer PDF (English) (Spanish)

​Step: Recruit SYEP Employer Partners.  

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Distribute employer flyer with the link to the employer outreach page.

Employers will provide youth with work experience.

SYEP Website

Employer Flyer (English)

Step: Use Dashboards.

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff

Description: Use dashboard to monitor application status and to see an overview of participant status as it is entered into Illinois workNet.

SYEP Provider Tools

Dashboard Overview (PDF)

Step: Review Applications and Enroll Youth

Responsible Person(s):
Provider Staff (responsible for enrolling youth)

Description: Review applications and update as needed.

Determine eligibility and set eligibility status.

Set enrollment status.

Move to the general group if eligible but the youth should participate with a different location.

​Access Applications and Update (PDF)

Set Eligibility and Enrollment Status (PDF)

Move Youth To A Different Organization (PDF)

Program Documents

  • DHS CYEP Release Form – Entity (Word)
  • DHS CYEP Release Form – Individual (Word)
  • School Lunch Program Eligibility List (PDF)
  • DHS CYEP Supportive Service Form (Word)