SYEP 2014 Success Stories

Share your experience.

  1. Complete the end of program survey.
  2. Share your success story.

See the success of others.

​​Success Story Writing Tips

The most effective stories are written by the participating youth and employers because they convey, in the person's own voice, exactly how the program helped them and the value of the program. An accompanying photo adds interest and visual appeal while demonstrating the diversity of those served by the program.  

To write an effective success story you should include your:

Situation and/or background

  • Employment and/or training program offered by your Illinois workNet Center or service provider?
  • What is your background?
  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • Why is this program important to the people of Illinois?

Program activities that led to your success, and

  • What action(s) did you take?
  • What positive change occurred?


  • How do you measure your success?
  • Details of new job/career/plans for future (i.e., got a job, enrolled in training, enlisted in the military, other)

Finishing Touches

  • Avoid repetition and excessive personal details.
  • Proofread the story.
  • Include a photo (See infographic for photo tips.).
  • Keep headlines short, 10 words or less.

Profile Picture Tips

Success Story Picture Tips