Apprenticeship Resources

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Tutorial Videos

More Resources
  • Apprenticeship Occupations (URL)
  • RAPIDS Crosswalk Search (URL)
  • RAPIDS Data Dictionary (Excel)
  • ​UI Benefits Form for Federally Funded Training Participants (PDF)
  • USDOL Technical Assistance Aid Performance Reporting (PDF)

IL workNet Tools
​Assessment Instructions
  • Assessments Partner Page (URL)
  • Essential Employability Skills Evaluations (PDF)
  • ​Self-Evaluation Essential Employability Skills Guide (PDF)
  • Worksite Evaluation Guide (PDF)
Related Resources
  • ​Self Evaluation Essential Employability Skills Paper Form (PDF)
  • Worksite Evaluation Paper Form (PDF)

Getting Started
  • PDF Guide for Intermediaries​
Gaining Access to Illinois workNet
  • Become a Partner (PDF)
  • Add Agency to Service Finder (URL)
  • Requesting Access to Partner Tools (PDF)
  • User Management (PDF)
Getting Setup in Apprenticeship IL
  • Apprenticeship Illinois Dashboard (URL)
  • ​Provider Information (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Illinois Learning Management System (Web)
  • Participating Agencies (PDF)
Quick Start Guides
  • Fully Case Managed (PDF)
  • ​Other Individuals Impacted (PDF)
  • Reports (PDF)

Navigator Tools
  • Quick Start Guide - Navigators (PDF)
  • Full ​Overview of tool (PDF)

Customer Application
Case Managed Customers
  • Adding Customer to the Group (PDF)
  • Customer Application (PDF)
  • Paper Version of Application (PDF)
Other Individuals Impacted (OII)
  • Other Individuals Impacted Reporting (PDF)
  • Upload Form (Excel)
  • Reference Form ETA 671 (PDF)

WIOA Eligibility Review
  • ​Customer Assessment and Eligibility Verification (PDF)
  • WIOA General Eligibility (PDF)
  • WIOA Adult Eligibility (PDF)
  • WIOA Youth Eligibility (PDF)
  • WIOA Low  Income Eligibility (PDF)
Documenting Customer Status
  • Assessments (PDF)
  • Dashboard and Overview (PDF)
  • Career Plan (PDF)
  • Outcomes (PDF)
  • Case Notes (PDF)
  • Upload (PDF)
  • Worksite Placement and Payroll (PDF)
  • Case Note Rubric (PDF)
  • ​WIOA Services and Definitions (PDF)

  • Dashboard and Overview (PDF)
  • Quarterly Reporting and Workplan (PDF)
  • Services Report (PDF)
Related Resources
  • Apprenticeship Expansion Program Grante Reporting Presentation (pdf)
  • Success Stories (URL)
    • Success Stories Photo/Video Release (Word)​
Policy Procedures
  • Apprenticeship Expansion Program Reporting Requirements (PDF)
  • Grantee Reporting System Manual (PDF)
  • Periodic Financial Report  (PDF)
    • Trial Balance Coversheet (Word)
  • Periodic Performance Report (PDF)

    • Performance Report Supporting Documents Coversheet (Word)
  • GRS Reporting (URL)
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Additional WIOA Eligibility Document Support
  • ​Eligibility Documentation Sources (PDF)
  • WIOA Notice No. 19-NOT-03 (PDF)
  • WIOA Notice No. 19-NOT-01, Change 1 (PDF)
  • TEGL No. 39-11 Personal Information Security (PDF)
  • TEGL No. 19-16 Adult and Dislocated Worker (PDF)
  • TEGL No 21-16 Youth (PDF)
  • WIOA 5.1 General Eligibility (PDF)
  • WIOA Selective Service Guidelines (PDF)
  • WIOA 5.2 Adult, 5.6 Service Priorities (PDF)
  • WIOA 5.4, 5.41, 5.42 Youth (PDF)
  • WIOA 5.5 Low Income Individuals (PDF)
  • WIOA 5.7.1 Veteran Priority of Service (PDF)
  • Veteran Priority Changes (PDF)
Incumbent Workers Definition - (PDF)