Finding the Right Training Provider

Not All Training Providers Are Equal

With the understanding that not all training providers are equal (i.e. some programs are condensed, while others are more comprehensive), it’s important to determine where your client will achieve success.  Here are some quick questions to ask your client when reviewing IT programs and schools.

    • How many schools have you researched?

    • Is the pace of the program right for you?

    • Does the training plan meet your employment needs?

    • Is the location of the training provider convenient?

    • When are classes offered, and how often?  Are classes canceled frequently?  If so, are they rescheduled in a timely manner?

    • Is the cost feasible?  Are testing fees included?  If not, how will the exams be covered?

    • What are the reviews of the school like?  Did previous students have a positive experience?  (The client can look on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Affairs for reviews.  Previous client testimonials can also provide the client with direction.)

    • Does the school allow retakes?

Have your client review the Training Programs on Illinois workNet:

    • You can search by program keyword, school/provider keyword, and location.

    • Identify programs approved by Local Workforce Boards. 

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