Connect with a New Audience

If your center is having a difficult time getting people to come in, one of the most effective things to do is team up with IDES to send out a phone and/or email blast.  These blasts go out to general groups of job seekers based on location and/or industry by way of participation on Illinois JobLink.  You can create a message to send out to all these people in order to kick up traffic to your workforce center.

These blasts have to be for an event.  This means your center would have to create and schedule an IT JD NEG/DWG event, workshop, seminar, or orientation for job seekers to attend (please see the two templates included on this page).  This can be very effective for two reasons: 1) blasts have proven to be very successful in the past at getting people in the door, and 2) It is a great way to screen for good candidates.

Email blasts should be one page using Times New Roman, with limited bold print reserved for very important information.  Phone blasts should be 30 seconds to 1 minute (the shorter the better).

For general IDES assistance, please call 800-244-5631 to connect to a JobLink trained call center representative.

  • IDES Job Fair Email Example 1 (MS Word)
  • IDES Job Fair Email Example 2 (MS Word)

IDES Contact

If you’re interested in sending out a phone or email blast, please contact Jack Borders at 630-844-6684 or  Submissions for blasts should be sent 10 business days prior to the event.