Client Assessment

Assessing Your Client

It is important to know how the customer will perform in their desired position. This can help determine the correct pathway for training and employment. The questions below can be asked during an assessment to help get a better understanding of the customer’s previous experience and how it would relate to a future position. An easy way to quickly assess a client’s IT readiness is to ask them to provide current job leads that detail the position they are seeking. The job leads will also show the experience and skills deemed necessary by employers. These leads used in conjunction with the assessment questions can help in the development of a training path to make the client a stronger candidate in the IT field, and can assist in developing their resume to show how they fit the position they are seeking. This might also provide a glimpse into the viability of the job they are pursuing depending on how difficult it is to secure job leads and tie their previous experience and future certifications into the requirements for those positions.  

Sometimes, securing the credential is not enough and experience is the missing link to employment.  If that is the case, the JD NEG/DWG grant’s internship might add some valued experience to the customer's resume.  

No IT Experience
Questions to ask:

  • What interests you in the IT field? 

  • How did you learn about the position/training you are pursuing?

  • How do you keep current on the industry?

  • What technical websites do you follow?

  • Describe how you used your technical skills in your last positions

Some IT Training/Exp
Questions to ask:

  • What are your current technical certifications?

  • Tell me about the most recent project you worked on.

  • What were the responsibilities? 

  • How do you troubleshoot IT issues?

  • How do you handle multiple deadlines?

  • What was the biggest IT challenge you have faced and how did you handle it?

Has Experience in IT
Questions to ask:

  • Describe the skills that qualify you for this job?

  • What skills do you feel you could improve that would make you a better fit for this type of work?

  • What do you think you would be doing on a day to day basis in this type of position?

  • How would you rate your key competencies for this job?

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