Implementing Tools Into Daily Assessments

The CompTIA Workforce Development Program Managers have researched the following Technical Aptitude Testing tools and provided the overviews  below.  These tools were discussed during the Exploring IT Technical​ Assessment Webinar held February 20, 2015.  Watch the webinar about implementing these tools into your daily assessments for IT customers and to download the related PowerPoint slides, click this link.  

The goal is to use these aptitude results to determine a customer’s fit in the IT field and better guide them towards training and employment opportunities. 

IT Tech Assessments Webinar

MeasureUp TAP Test
  • Designed to measure aptitude of a customer with no experience in IT.
  • Tests 4 relevant skill areas used regularly in IT:
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Numerical Reasoning
    • Symbolic Reasoning
    • Visual Speed and Accuracy
  • Takes 20 minutes to complete, with each section taking 5 minutes.
  • Those who score under the 40th percentile for the entire test would struggle to comprehend IT learning.

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Ilene Steinberg
VP of Sales and Operations

Prove IT
  • Used by large companies, recruiters, and some workforce centers to test specific skill aptitudes.
  • Designed to measure experience level of customer as basic, intermediate or advanced.
  • Very customizable to a workforce centers needs.
  • Incorporates skills testing for IT and other industries.
  • Tests can be retaken to show improvement and results can highlight inefficiencies which may lead to training suggestions.
  • Over 1,300 tests are available for use; tests can also be combined to target a specific position.

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  • Tool is free for anyone to use, anytime they want.
  • Can combine multiple tests to determine a client’s fit for a specific position.
  • Testing times can be as short at 2 minutes per test.
  • Measures current skill aptitudes in specific areas.
  • Results may lead to training suggestion.

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Dave Balter

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