Resources to Get Participants Set Up
  • Eligibility and Intake Information (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Provides Eligibility and Intake information for potential applicants.
  • NEG/DWG Disaster Long-Term Unemployed Definition (MS Word): Defines what is considered long-term unemployed by the state of Illinois.
  • Self-Certification NEG Priority of Selection (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Applicant signature form for which category they qualify.
  • Items to bring to your appointment checklist (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form):​ Checklist of items to bring to the appointment for NEG/DWG employment.
  • NEG/DWG Flood Grant Checklist (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Checklist for each participant's progress.
  • Pre-Enrollment Activities:
    • 2013 FCRA Background Check Form (PDF) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Form to be signed by participant authorizing a background check to be performed.
    • 2013 Summary of Rights Information (PDF) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Provides detailed information about rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act.
    • Confidentiality Waiver (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Confidentiality waiver to be signed by the participant.
    • NEG/DWG Drug Screening and Background Check Form (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Release form for participants to sign.
    • Participant Authorization for Screening and Checks (PDF) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Release for drug testing/background check.
  • NEG/DWG Flood Recovery Program New Hire Information Form (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form):​ Form for H.R. that provides information about each new hire.
  • NEG/DWG Flood Recovery Project Person Protective Equipment Sign-off sheet (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Sign off sheet the participants' sign for the equipment they received.
  • Monitoring Plan (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form): Provides a timeline for monitoring of participants and supervisors.
  • Flood Recovery Participant Manual (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form):​ Provides information and guidelines about the program for participants.
  • NEG/DWG Application (MS Word) (EXAMPLE - Shared Form):​ Participant Application.