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  • Job
    Position of employment; situation; work (Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition). Citation
  • Job Application (Employment Application)
    Form used by employers to gather and review information about the job applicant. The application is reviewed by the employer to determine if a job applicant meets the job's hiring qualifications. Employment or job applications can be online forms, forms that are downloaded and then completed by typing directly on them, or forms that are printed and completed with pen or pencil.
  • Job Board
    A website dealing specifically with employment (jobs) or careers. Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards. Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, and describe different job descriptions or employers. Through these websites, a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position.
  • Job Description
    An official written description of the responsibilities and requirements of a specific job, often one agreed between employer and employee.
  • Job Information
    In Illinois workNet, the Explore Job Information page provides options for individuals to review information about occupations, including an occupational overview, labor market information, wages and trends, skills, related training programs, and other information to help individuals learn about and make informed career choices.
  • Job Performance
    The ability to fulfill job requirements and standards for a designated position.
  • Job Preparation
    Steps and a process used by job applicants to gather information and get prepared before applying for jobs.
  • Job Search Engine (Job Spidering)
    A job search engine is a website that facilitates job hunting. The Illinois workNet Job Search tool is a job search engine that spiders or crawls hundred of job boards, online classified advertisements, employer websites, and other websites to search for job openings based on a key word search.
  • Job Transition (Career Transition)
    The process of making a career or job change (e.g., military to civilian employment, mid-life career change).
  • Jobs for Veterans Act
    Public Law 107-288 (2002). Section 2(a) of the JVA, codified at 38 U.S.C. 4215(a), provides priority of service for covered persons.
  • JVA
    Public Law 107-288 (2002). Section 2(a) of the JVA, codified at 38 U.S.C. 4215(a), provides priority of service for covered persons.