Apprenticeship Plus

What is Apprenticeship+

​Apprenticeships are an “earn and learn” training model, where structured on-the-job training is combined with classroom instruction. The Illinois’ Apprenticeship Plus framework identifies four training options using the apprenticeship model as a career pathway: Registered Apprenticeship, Industry Recognized Credential Programs, Youth Apprenticeship, and Pre-Apprenticeship.

There are five key elements of apprenticeship:

  1. Business involvement;
  2. Structured On-the-Job Training;
  3. Related Instruction;
  4. Rewards for Skill Gains; and
  5. Industry Recognized Credentials.
Apprenticeship Plus Framework

Governor Support

The Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth chose the Apprenticeship Plus initiative as one of its inaugural projects to provide youth and students with the opportunity to learn about and have the ability to obtain high-quality, industry-recognized credentials utilizing work-based learning models within a specific career pathway that will lead to self-sufficiency.

Governor with thyssenkrupp Youth Apprentices

Governor Rauner with thyssenkrupp Youth Apprentices

Illinois Apprenticeship Plus Model