Youth Apprenticeship

​Youth Apprenticeships provide opportunities for high school and postsecondary education students ages 16-24 with the foundation to choose among multiple pathways. Apprenticeships are employer-driven, “learn while you earn” models that combine structured paid on-the-job training (OJT) with job-related instruction in curricula that lead to attaining industry-recognized skill standards and an industry credential. Instruction and technical training related to the apprenticeship is provided by high schools, technical schools, community colleges, or other higher education institutions; on-the-job training occurs at a worksite. The goal is to provide students with advanced skill sets that meet specific employer needs. Often, employers hire full-time students who have been through their apprenticeship program upon graduation and cover additional training and certification expenses.


​As Illinois coordinates and aligns the apprenticeship strategy with the K-12 system, we integrate a shared vision and language around Career Pathways. We are building a cohesive system to ensure all Illinois young people reach adulthood, having completed workforce readiness programs that prepare them for college and career while equipping them with the information they need to choose the best career pathway for themselves. Apprenticeships are part of a larger strategy to help employers develop their talent pipeline.

Apprenticeship Success Stories

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