Governor's Guidance

​Guidance Materials

  • MOU Template (MS Word)
  • MOU Additional Signature Form (MS Word)
  • MOU Supporting Document (PDF)
  • Instruction Sheet for MOU and Budget Submittal (PDF)
  • MOU FAQs (Page)
  • MOU FAQ Required Partner Contacts (PDF)
  • Standard Budget Format for Shared Costs - Appendix Item 9 and 10 to the Governor’s Guidelines - Revised April 7, 2016 (Excel)
  • Report of Outcomes from Local MOU Negotiations - Appendix Item 11 to the Governor’s Guidelines (MS Word)
  • Governor’s Guidelines – Supplemental Guidance for PY16 (PDF)
  • Governor’s Guidelines – Revision 1 – March 2016 (PDF)
  • Individuals to Negotiate Local MOUs on Behalf of Required Partners by LWIA - April 14, 2016 (PDF)
  • Agenda for the WIOA Joint Training Webinar Regarding the Governor's Guidelines - December 14-16 (PDF)
  • Joint Training Webinar Presentation on the Governor’s Guidelines for Negotiating Costs and Services​ (PowerPoint​)
  • Governor's Guidelines for Negotiation Costs and Services FAQ (PDF)
  • Governor's Guidelines - Tracked Changes by TAG and Interagency Work Group Input (PDF)