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  • 2023

    Industry Stakeholder Groups (ISGs) Seeking Members

    The Career and Technical (CTE) areas at Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)  are excited to reveal the formation of Industry Stakeholder Groups (ISGs). The ISGs are looking for educators, industry/business partners, and/or community members in our state who are passionate about the education of students preparing for careers. We are working to identify leaders in our state who are willing to join and participate as ISG Members in enhancing our CTE programs. This engagement will consist of members providing input in specific content areas, feedback on the Perkins state plan, and other areas of growth. Each program area will decide on the meeting cadence, but it will be at least twice a year. 

    To submit your interest in ISG participation, please contact:   

    *Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) is represented by the Illinois Committee for Agriculture Education (ICAE). Contact - Andrew Klein (  

    Thank you for your invaluable time and consideration in becoming a member of the Industry Stakeholder Group (ISG).


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