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  • 2021

    Youth Justice Action Month 2021

    The month of October is Youth Justice Action Month. During this month advocates raise awareness and inspire changes to the criminal justice system for young people. Youth Justice Action Month is co-hosted by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) and the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN). Throughout the month these organizations work together and invite communities to connect and take action. They invite all to get involved through: 

    • Attending workshops co-hosted by CJJ and NJJN: Throughout October the topics will be: 
      • Week 1: Protecting Childhood: Policies to Keep Youth Out of the Justice System 
      • Week 2: Treat Kids Like Kids: End the Adultification of Youth 
      • Week 3: Fund Care not Cages: Investing in Families and Communities. 
      • Register and learn more about upcoming workshops.

    Be sure to check out Illinois workNet’s Returning Citizens Guide that offers many resources and references for returning citizens from what to do after release to catching up on technology and finding a job. Articles included in the Returning Citizen Guide include: 

    • What to do After Your Release 
    • Important Personal Identification Documents 
    • Local Resources to Help You Succeed 
    • Catch Up on Technology 
    • Top 5 Things to Know About Expunging or Sealing Records 
    • Apply for Jobs 
    • Interview for Jobs 
    • First Day on the Job 
    • Money Management Guide 
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