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  • 2019

    Now Available: Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet Online Course

    The Chicago Public Library and Illinois workNet have worked together to create a new course, Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet, that introduces and explores Illinois workNet for job seekers. The purpose of this course is to help individuals with their career goals.

    The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is divided into 7 short lessons that will guide you through the job seeking process using the most helpful resources on Illinois workNet:

    1. Steps to Getting a Job – Understand the process and the organization needed to get a job.
    2. Deciding on the Jobs to Consider – Sign up for an account and use the assessment tools in Resume Builder.
    3. Organizing the Job Search – Use worksheets to stay organized during your job search.
    4. Preparing your Resume and Cover Letter – Create a resume and cover letter using the Resume Builder tool.
    5. Searching Jobs – Learn how to use the Illinois workNet JobFinder tool.
    6. Applying for Jobs – Know all the steps involved with submitting job applications.
    7. Interviewing & Following Up – Review the tips on how to interview and follow up with employers after the application and interview process.

    Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet is one of 25+ simple digital literacy courses on Chicago DigitalLearn.  The site is free and available to the public, meaning you do not need to live in Chicago or have a Chicago Public Library card to use it. The course can be accessed with this link.

    Users can take courses immediately or if you choose to make an account, you can track your progress and earn personalized certificates. The course is simple, interactive, and repeatable. It is also available in Spanish.

    For beginners or inexperienced computer users, the Starting Out category has 10 courses which will guide you through learning the parts of a computer and using a mouse to navigating a website and sending an email with an attachment. There is also a category for Being Safe Online, a course on using an Android mobile device, and a course on how to find quality health information online.

    For questions or more information, reach out to Kate Lapinski at Chicago Public Library at 


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