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  • 2015

    Coping with Job Loss

    Coping with Job Loss ImageHave you lost your job? Are you stressed out about finding a new job and wondering about: being too old, being underestimated, being qualified enough, being over-qualified, doing the best you can and it not being good enough, or not getting any feedback?

    When life doesn't turn out as planned was the topic as guest speaker Bonnie Artman Fox of A Conscious Choice, shared valuable tips and resources to help you deal with job loss with dignity and resilience.

    During the webinar Bonnie pointed out that stress is anything that affects the Amygdala, the part of your brain that helps you deal with emotions, emotional behavior and motivation. The discussion also addressed:

    • Addressing grief.
    • The affect of job loss on your family relationships.
    • Methods to counteract and deal with the stress that you feel.
    • An exercise to take a conscious pause.
    • Calming your inner critic - how to address all of those self-doubt thoughts we mentioned earlier.
    • Replacing always or never with "for now".
    • Adopting a attitude of gratitude for what is going right in your life.
    • Creating daily rituals that include your job search - 50% of the attendees who answered a poll question have a daily structure to their job search.
    • Create goals.
    • Unplug.
    • Be persistent.

    Chris Nejdl, Assistant Director at McHenry County Workforce Network prepared an additional presentation that provided resources to help alleviate the basic stressors like providing insurance for your family, help with food costs, child care, housing, or assistance with disability or rehabilitation.

    Some of the resource links that were shared included:

    Download the materials and watch the archived webinar on YouTube or below.

    • When Life Doesn't Turn Out As Planned - Coping with Job Loss (PDF) (SlideShare)
    • The Emotions of Job Loss - Going Beyond the Emotions to Have Success In Your Job Search (PDF) (SlideShare)
    • Mature Career Bibliography (PDF)


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