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  • 2015

    What is the ROI on LMI?

    ​Businesses can benefit from finding out more information and reviewing data from Labor Market Information - LMI. The Return On Investment - ROI is the fact that all of the data is collected for you. You just have to access it!

    Illinois workNet recently launched a page on our website dedicated to offering you definitions and resources you can use to help you make business decisions based on data compiled about the workforce. If you aren't quite sure how you might be able to use the LMI data effectively, you can request pre-paid assistance from a Business Services Team member. You can find a BST representative by searching our Illinois workNet Service Finder.

    LMI is also useful for job seekers to help them determine an occupation's projected growth and associated wage information by a number of different geographical areas, like Economic Development Region, counties, or Local Workforce Areas.

    Take a look at the information and review our list of resources today!

    Illinois workNet LMI Screen Shot


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