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  • 2015

    Track Your Business Progress

    ​How will you know if your business is doing well? Not everyone can afford a full staff of analysts to track their business, but everyone can set up Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These KPI's can be as simple as tracking the number of scoops of ice cream you serve per day or much more complex.

    KPI Image

    Illinois workNet's webinar on Key Performance Indicators featured guest speaker Sybil Ege, Director of the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Elgin Community College. She shared her expertise and examples on what the main KPI's are, as well as, how you can establish them for your business. She also discussed the importance of reacting to the statistics to make decisions that can change the course of your business direction in time to be effective.

    Download the KPI handout and watch the archived webinar to learn more!


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