Returning Citizens Program Resources

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Articles provide general guidance and include related resources such as instructions, guides, presentations, and videos.

Getting Started
  • Recruiting Employer Partners for Hiring Returning Citizens*
Intake Process
Service Delivery
  • Monitoring and Reporting*


Get Started

  • Program Process Flow Diagrams (PDF)
  • Procedures Manual (PDF)*
  • Become a Partner (PDF)
  • Requesting Access to Returning Citizens partner Tools (PDF)
  • Managing Access to Partner Tools (PDF)*
  • Adding Training Programs (PDF)*
  • Set Appointment Times (PDF)


  • Returning Citizens Guide (Public site)*
  • Employer Flyer (PDF)*

Intake Process

  • Adding Customers to the System (PDF)
  • Customer Overview - Individual Level Information (PDF)
  • Assessing Program Suitability with Checklist Tools- Individual Level Information (PDF)*


  • Program Dashboard - Group Level Information (PDF)*
  • Customer List View (PDF)
  • Customer Overview - Individual Level Information (PDF)
  • Customer Outcomes - Individual Level Information (PDF)*

Document Services

  • Case Note Tool in Returning Citizens (PDF)
  • Case Note Rubric (PDF)
  • Document Customer Plans and Progress (PDF)
  • Career Plan Rubric (PDF)
  • My Career Plan - A Customer View (PDF)
  • Customer Outcomes - Individual Level Information (PDF)*

Exiting Process

  • Transition for Release Checklist tools (PDF)*
  • LWIA Career Planner steps for exiting customers in Illinois workNet (PDF)*
  • Schedule Customers with LWIA Career Planners (PDF)*
  • IDOC steps for exiting customers in Illinois workNet (PDF)*


  • Executive Management Report (PDF)*
  • Customer Services Report (PDF)
  • Credentials Report (PDF)*

More Resources

​*** WorkforceGPS: Justice Involved/Reentry Adults ***

Get Started

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) TEGL 39-11 (PDF)


  • TABE 11-12 Presentation for Youth Career Pathway Grantees (PDF)

Business Engagement

  • Business Engagement Presentation from IDES???? (PDF)*
  • Guide to Talking to Businesses about Hiring Returning Citizens ????(PDF)*

Eligibility and Performance

  • Do we need to add training or related resources in this area????*

Service Delivery Resources

  • WIOA Supportive Services Desk Reference (PDF)
  • Using the Letter of Conviction (PDF)*
  • What other resources or specific services are available to offenders????*
  • Returning Citizens Exit Survey Data (PDF)*

Fiscal Resources

  • Reporting Webinar PPT (PDF)
  • Fiscal Training PPT (PDF)
  • GRS User Manual (PDF)
  • Periodic Financial Report (PFR) (PDF)
  • Periodic Performance Report (PDF)
  • PFR Trial Balance Cover (Word)
  • PPR Support Cover (Word)