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  • Rapid Response
    Early intervention services provided by the state or by an agency chosen by the state in case of a factory closing, a natural or other disaster that causes job loss for large numbers of workers, in order to assist dislocated workers in obtaining reemployment as soon as possible.
  • Rapid Response Activity
    The term ‘‘rapid response activity’’ means an activity provided by a State, or by an entity designated by a State, with funds provided by the State under section 134(a)(1)(A), in the case of a permanent closure or mass layoff at a plant, facility, or enterprise, or a natural or other disaster, that results in mass job dislocation, in order to assist dislocated workers in obtaining reemployment as soon as possible, with services including—(A) the establishment of onsite contact with employers and employee representatives— (i) immediately after the State is notified of a current or projected permanent closure or mass layoff; or (ii) in the case of a disaster, immediately after the State is made aware of mass job dislocation as a result of such disaster; (B) the provision of information on and access to available employment and training activities; (C) assistance in establishing a labor-management committee, voluntarily agreed to by labor and management, with the ability to devise and implement a strategy for assessing the employment and training needs of dislocated workers and obtaining services to meet such needs; (D) the provision of emergency assistance adapted to the particular closure, layoff, or disaster; and (E) the provision of assistance to the local community in developing a coordinated response and in obtaining access to State economic development assistance.
  • Reasonable Wage
    Wages paid are to be considered reasonable to the extent that it is consistent with that paid for similar work in the organization's other activities or to the extent that it is comparable to that paid for similar work in the labor markets in which the organization competes for the kind of employees involved.
  • Recently Separated Veteran
    Means any veteran who applies for participation under the Act within 48 months after the discharge or release from active military, naval, or air services.
  • Recipient
    An entity to which Federal financial assistance, in whole or in part, is awarded directly from the Department or through sub-award for any qualified job training program.
  • Recognized Postsecondary Credential
    The term ‘‘recognized postsecondary credential’’ means a credential consisting of an industry-recognized certificate or certification, a certificate of completion of an apprenticeship, a license recognized by the State involved or Federal Government, or an associate or baccalaureate degree.
  • Region
    Used without further description, means a region identified under section 106(a), subject to section 107(c)(4)(B)(i) and except as provided in section 106(b)(1)(B)(ii).
  • Registered Apprenticeship

    An apprenticeship registered with the U.S. Department of Labor meeting the standards defined by USDOL, which includes the five required components: 

    1) Business Involvement; 

    2) Structured On-the-Job Training; 

    3) Related Instruction; 

    4) Rewards for Skill Gains; and

    5) Industry Credentials


    The US Department of Labor regulates registered apprenticeships. Detailed information on current federal rules and regulations can be found at and Illinois workNet.

  • Rehabilitation Services
    Services provided by a licensed or authorized professional in accordance with an individualized plan of care intended to improve or maintain a client's quality of life and optimal capacity for self-care. Services include physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology, and low-vision training.
  • Remedial Education
    (See Remedial Training)
  • Remedial Training
    Remedial training is designed to remediate basic skill deficiencies in reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics of high school graduates and persons achieving the equivalency of a high school diploma in order to prepare them to pursue further postsecondary education or employment.
  • Reportable Individual
    Means an individual who has taken action that demonstrates an intent to use program services and who meets specific reporting criteria of the core program, including: (1) Individuals who provide identifying information; (2) Individuals who only use the self-service system; and (3) Individuals who only receive information on services or activities.
  • Resource Room Utilization

    Provision of WIOA-funded services to a participant, including informational activities and self-service, without significant staff involvement, at a specific resource room location (One-Stop Career Center or affiliate site). Such services are to be reported to OET via the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS).

  • Retention
    Continuing or keeping a job, usually for at least 90 days or more.
  • RFA
    Request for Application
  • RFP
    Request for Proposal
  • RSA
    Rehabilitation Services Administration
  • RTAA
    Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • Runaway
    A person under 18 years of age who absents himself or herself from home or place of legal residence without the permission of parent or legal guardian (JTPA definition).