Craft Apprenticeship Program Notice of Funding Opportunity

​This funding opportunity has closed. Visit the Funding Opportunities page to learn about current opportunities.


​The objective of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to identify the organization that will coordinate a statewide Craft Apprenticeship Program that will support registered apprenticeship programs associated with the electric industry that may, but need not, be related to solar installation.  Among the goals of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) and Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) is to stimulate job growth in the clean energy economy with investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In 2017, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved ComEd's first award of $3 million under the FEJA Craft Apprenticeship Program [see Illinois Commerce Commission order 17-0332].  The administration of the programs authorized under the FEJA were assigned to the Illinois Department of Commerce in 2022 through CEJA [see Public Act 102-662].  This NOFO supports the implementation of the FEJA, CEJA and the Governor's priority of expanding apprenticeship opportunities in Illinois. 

Program Design

The goal of this NOFO is to provide apprenticeship and workforce opportunities for candidates interested in solar industry positions, including diverse low-income, or economically disadvantaged populations.  The Department seeks proposals that meet the specifications outlined in this NOFO to develop career pathways, provide training and establish apprenticeships in the electric industry, including but not limited to, the solar industry in Illinois.  The selected grantee will have the capability to administer a statewide program that may include the coordination of project activities with regional and statewide partners.  The goal of this NOFO is to identify a grantee to coordinate statewide job training activities in accredited or otherwise recognized apprenticeship programs that will:

  • Develop and support career pathways in the electric and/or solar industry, including but not limited to, those enabled by FEJA and CEJA
  • Provide training on the requisite knowledge, skills, experience, and competences to design, install, inspect and/or service electric and/or solar equipment and/or systems. 
  • Provide apprenticeship participants with the foundational knowledge necessary for a career within the electric industry, including but not limited to the solar industry and provide diverse low-income, or economically disadvantaged populations with additional craft apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Develop, coordinate and implement training activities that result in Registered Apprenticeships, Pre-Apprenticeships, and Youth Apprenticeships in the electric industry as defined in the Illinois Career Pathway Dictionary.

Program Funding

​It is anticipated that the Department will make one award under this NOFO for up to $3 million. This grant program is utilizing State funds authorized under the Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act as outlined at 220 ILCS 5/16-108.12 and 20 ILCS 3855/1-75(c)(1)(O). 

Submission Details

​Applications are due at 5PM on MAY 19, 2022.  For detailed information about the funding opportunity and instruction on how to submit an application, see the full NOFO, as well as required documents, linked under NOFO Materials.

Information Session

The Department will coordinate an information session to review the requirements of this NOFO and answer questions that will be also posted in the FAQ section of this web page.  Attendance is not required but is encouraged.

Craft Apprenticeship Information Session

April 13, 2022 - 1pm

NOFO Materials
  • NOFO Supplement - Craft Apprenticeship Program - 2863-2175
  • DCEO Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • DCEO Mandatory Disclosure.pdf
  • Uniform Application - Craft Apprenticeship Program
  • Budget Template NOFO 82-1270 Apprenticeship Expansion Program

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