Setting Up Your Employer Booth

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Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Login & Submit your Employer Booth
​Log in to or create an Illinois workNet account and complete the required fields to set up your Employer Booth. After you submit your booth information it will be reviewed and approved by IwN staff. Once your booth is submitted you will receive a notification email with additional best practice information on hosting VJF. You will also receive an email confirmation after your booth is reviewed and approved. 

Note: Your booth information will be made available to job seekers so they can explore more about your business and prepare for any virtual job fairs you participate on.

Step 2: Adding VJF, Docs, & Links to your Booth
​Continue building our your Employer Booth by adding your VJF. You can select to:

1. Add your own VJF. If you select this option you will be able to add a link to your events registration page so job seekers can easily sign up to participate in your VJF. 

2. Request assistance hosting your VJF from IwN. If you select this option you will be provided with a link to complete a google form identifying your proposed schedule (2-week advanced notice is required) and other VJF needs. After completing the form, you will be added to the VJF queue. Illinois workNet staff will review your information and work with you to:

    • Establish a zoom meeting room through Illinois workNet to facilitate a live VJF with participants.
    • Create online registration that can be marketed and shared across a variety of platforms
    • Add your live event to the Illinois workNet Event Calendar & Employer Booth information.
    • Ensure you are ready to present your business live during the VJF.

Note: If you identified that you would like zoom training prior to the live VJF Illinois workNet staff will schedule a dry run webinar to walk through using zoom. 

Step 3: Preparing for & Attending your VJF
Now that you have your Employer Booth created and your VJF is scheduled it is time to prepare for your VJF. Make sure your agenda is set, you have staff scheduled to work the virtual job fair, and that any technology being used has been tested & works properly. 

Step 4: Posting Archived VJF & Following Up
​After completing your live VJF be sure to update your Employer Booth information with a link to the archived recording. This will allow users who were not able to attend the live event to learn more about your business, open positions, and what next steps they should take if they are interested in applying. Additionally, be sure to follow up with any prospective candidates in a timely manner. 

Note: If your VJF was hosted through Illinois workNet, this will automatically be done within 3 business days of your VJF.

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