Assessment - Employment 101 (E101)

Employment 101 - E101

Career Exploration Earn Career Development Certificate 
Self-Accessed Assessment Self-Accessed Assessment

Purpose: Employment 101 is a guided approach that includes assessments, articles, planners and other resources to help customer reach their training and employment goals. The purpose of the Employment 101 Pre-Assessment is to check the customer's knowledge, but it is not required. The purpose of the Employment 101 Post-Assessment is to check what the customer has learned during the guided process, and to unlock their certificate of completion.

Topics Covered:

  • Career Exploration
  • Training Program Exploration
  • Workplace Skills
  • Job Search Skills
  • Goal-Setting
  • Violence Prevention and Awareness


  • Expectations: Complete 25 multiple choice questions. This online assessment is only completed once. It is not a timed assessment  (15-20 minutes).

  • Results: This assessment is graded, but the grade is not counted against you.


  • Expectations: Complete 25 multiple choice questions. This online assessment is not timed. It can be completed an unlimited number of times, but only the highest score is saved in the customer's account (15-20 minutes).

  • Results:  This assessment is graded.  Once customers score 70% or higher, they earn their certificate of completion. This certificate / digital badge can be added to their portfolios. 

Access to the Assessment and Results:

  • Customers can access the assessments and saved results through their My Dashboard. All saved results stay with the customer's account. He or she can retake and save his or her results an unlimited number of times.

  • Approved providers will able to view saved result through specific program tools.


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