WIOA Contract Guide


Illinois workNet provides a means to report all of the contracts and contract values as required by
the IWIB Act through the WIOA Provider Summary Reporting application.  State legislation and policy reference:  WIA Notice 12-NOT-02.  The Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIA) are required to report annually. The most recent reporting deadline was October 31, 2014.   

All providers will be required to utilize the WIOA Contract Report Tool to report the appropriate information.  WIOA Contract Reporting Instructions (PPT)

Chuck Dooley:  DCEO Program Administrator Charles.Dooley@illinois.gov

   Access WIOA Contract Reporting by:

My Dashboard icon 1. Clicking this link to Log into the WIOA Contract Reporting Tool or

2. Accessing it through your My Dashboard by selecting WIOA Contract Reporting under Partner Tools.


March 21, 2016 - The WIOA Contract Reporting Tool is now available from your Illinois workNet Dashboard. Select Partner Tools and select WIOA Contract Reporting. If you do not see WIOA contract reporting you do not currently have access to the tool. Contact Illinois workNet to get access.

May 11, 2015 - This email was sent to LWIA Directors and staff responsible for maintaining WIOA contract information pursuant to WIOA Notice 12-NOT-02.

Dear Partners,  per WIOA Notice 12-NOT-02 (https://apps.il-work-net.com/WIOAPolicy/Policy/Home), please be sure you continue maintain the required contract information.

With the transition to the new Illinois workNet system:

This email was sent to LWIA directors and staff identified to have access to enter WIOA contracts.  If you have questions or additional staff or have changed staff who are responsible for maintaining this information, please send the information to info@illinoisworknet.com