Multi-employer Event

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For LWIAs wishing to hold a VJF in their region, LWIAs should be in contact with their RED Team member to see what businesses may be hiring based on their access to layoff information and Rapid Response events (contact a member of the RED team using the contact form on DCEO's website). The type of event (region or industry based) may be informed based on the laid-off workers' experience.

LWIAs can identify businesses in the area who are hiring to accommodate this request and then work with the employers to ensure employer booth pages are entered into the VJF system if they are not already present. If you are unsure if you have access to the VJF system or would like to add members of your team so they may have access, please send an email to with your LWIA # and the names/email addresses of those who should have access.

LWIAs may then approach Illinois workNet for assistance in facilitating a multi-employer VJF event. If LWIA staff is not responsive to Illinois workNet staff or the VJF system, Illinois workNet may reach out to their Regional Manager for assistance.

Note: A minimum of 5 weeks' notice is needed to facilitate and successfully coordinate and promote the event. If the LWIA already has businesses identified and entered into the system, then this timeframe may be reduced.

If you would like to meet with the Virtual Job Fair team to discuss holding a multi-employer VJF event for your region, send an email to

With Assistance
If an LWIA requests assistance from Illinois workNet staff, Illinois workNet will:  
  • Create an event registration page on Eventbrite 
  • Create an Illinois workNet Event Calendar entry 
  • Schedule Social Media posts promoting the event 
  • Provide Zoom Training to participating employers if requested
    • LWIA staff will be required to attend this session 
  • Troubleshoot and provide technical assistance during the event, i.e. opening remarks on Zoom features, recording, participant management, and uploading the recording to YouTube 
  • Provide Post-Event Follow up: 
    • Send Feedback surveys to participants and employers 
    • Provide registration information 
    • Provide recording of the event and upload to the participating employers booth pages 

If an LWIA requests assistance from Illinois workNet staff, LWIA will:  

  • Communicate with employers to ensure Illinois workNet accounts and Employer Booth pages are created 
  • Review and approve Employer Booth entries for each participating employer 
  • Ensure Employers have PPT slides for the event and that slides are provided to Illinois workNet for screenshare 
  • During the event, LWIA staff will: 
    • Provide opening and closing remarks after the Zoom technical opening statement by Illinois workNet
    • Facilitate participant questions asked through Zoom chat
    • Share information about local resources and services available to attendees, i.e. work support, American Job Centers.

Without Assistance
If an LWIA chooses to host and coordinate employer VJF event without Illinois workNet assistance, the LWIA will be responsible for: 
  • Employer Booth creations on Illinois workNet   
  • Review and approve the Employer Booth entries for each participating employer 
  • Create an event registration page 
  • Create an Illinois workNet Event Calendar entry (be sure to tag the event with the Series tag "Virtual Job Fair (VJF)" 
  • Promote VJF event on Social Media
    • If you reach out to and request assistance in promoting the event, Illinois workNet will promote the event on its social media accounts 
  • Provide a webinar platform in which to host and facilitate VJF event  
    • This would include providing training to employers/presenters who are unfamiliar with the webinar platform
  • Ensure all Employers have presentation materials 
  • Provide technical assistance and facilitation of the event  
  • Adding the recording of the event to the participating Employers' Booth pages 
  • Post-event follow up