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Articles provide general guidance and include related resources such as instructions, guides, presentations and videos.



Self-Accessed AssessmentSelf-Accessed Assessments

Skills and Interest Surveys

Employment 101 - E101 Gen 2

  • Employment 101 Overview for Customers (PDF)
  • Employment 101 User Guide - (PDF) Short
  • User Guide for Using Employment 101 - Full Guide (PDF
  • Employment 101 - Instructor Guide (PDF)

Partner InitiatedPartner Initiated Assessment

Self Evaluation of Essential Skills

  • Essential Employability Skills Evaluations Use and Comparison - (PDF)
  • Self-Evaluation Customer Guide (PDF)
  • Self-Evaluation Partner Guide - (PDF)
  • Self-Evaluation Paper Version - (PDF)

Observational Evaluation

Worksite Evaluation

More Resources
Casey Life Skills Assessment​
  • HowToGuide (PDF)
  • Assessments LifeSkills (PDF)
  • FAQ (PDF)
  • Practice Guide (PDF)