A List of Updates and Releases to Keep You Informed

April 5, 2017

The following updates have taken place:

  • An Assessment Dashboard has been added to view customer assessment status in items currently saved in Illinois workNet
  • The date a customer was enrolled will now show in the training program enrollment section on a customer progress page.
  • Updated Employment Only Text on Enrollment section of Progress Page to Pre-employment only.
  • Links in daily status summary email were fixed.
  • On Assignment Tab in Profile section a link was added for a Sanction letter. Upon upload of a 2151 and enrollment in a program by a CBO, the system will automatically generate a message/email with the same Sanction letter language in it.
  • Dashboard Wording changes included:
    • Intake projections - invitations changed to Scheduled for Orientation, Random Assignment category added, Control and Treatment changed to Traditional SNAP E&T/Community-Only Services and EPIC SNAP E&T Services respectively, Group Assignment changed to Cumulative RA
    • Progress Page - Exit Information changed to Completion Information; Changed "Upload a 2151A and related required documentation" to "Item Needed - Upload a 2151A Form (Marked as Completed) in the Change in Activity/Monthly Update section below"; Changed "exit" to "completion in all lists.
    • Enrolled Dashboard - Changed "Hired by Employer - In Follow-up Period" to "In Follow-up Period"; Changed "Exited" to "Completion" in two areas.

March 30, 2017

  • Added line to Enrolled dashboard  "CBO Enrollment Verification Status" in the RED area to reflect customers who are exempt and elect not to participate. DHS will have indicated the customer is Exempt. An uploaded 2151 indicates there was no contact from the customer at the initial intake appointment. The yellow line on the Enrollment Status section for "Referral Pending - No Contact From Customer / Recommend Conciliation" reflects only customers who are non-exempt and did not attend intake orientation.

March 21, 2017

  • Once a day the system will send out a summary case note email that will contain all of the case notes typed in and automatically created from document uploads for each individual in a case worker or career navigator list of customers. Summary emails will be sent to DHS & CBO staff. 

March 10, 2017

  • Able to filter customercase notes by time period

March 7, 2017

  • Staffing Report: CBO staff can now export an auto-populated 4333 for each DHS office from which they have customers. 

February 27, 2017

  • Filter on ISTEP dashboard for type of enrollment

February 24, 2017

  • Filter by Career Navigator on customer lists

February 20, 2017 

  • Changed Header titles on EPIC navigagtion menu to icons
  • Training program enrollment filter on ISTEP dashboard
  • ISTEP model on customer profile

February 15

  • Added Worksite Placement dashboard - removed from Agency tabs.

February 12, 2017

  • CBOs in Region 1 can now filter their customer list based on Local DHS Office.
  • ISTEP case notes moved to general area and added to export list

February 5, 2017

  • DHS primary and secondary contacts only will now be notified on a case note or document upload for each customer.
  • CBO benchmark report created

January 13, 2017

  • Added County designation to all DHS offices outside of Cook county.
  • ISTEP on a customer profile will not open until that customer has been enrolled in a program.
  • If customer address and phone information is changed in EPIC, an automatic case note will be sent to DHS primary contact for that customer.

December 27, 2016

  • On all exported lists, columns have been added to show the last case note entered for the Profile and Progress page to include who entered the case note and the date it was entered.

  • A statewide intake projections total is available on the bottom of the Intake Projections tab on the EPIC dashboard.

December 14, 2016

  • New appearance to the training program information on the public EPIC page and the EPIC dashboard Eligibility Review page.

December 5, 2016

  • Dashboard

    • "Declined to Participate" has been changed to "Declined EPIC Services". 

  • Intake Activities

    • Under Section 1.1 Has Not Attended Orientation additional options have been added

      • Voluntary area, cannot reach customer

      • Customer moved out of EPIC service area.

      • Customer reported employment and does not want to participate                                                 

    • Under Section 1.1 Attended Orientation - Does Not Want To Participate in EPIC Services additional options have been added

      • Customer is exempt in a mandatory area and elected not to participate.

      • Customer is in voluntary area and elected not to participate and/or cannot be reached for follow-up.

      • Customer selected traditional SNAP E&T engagement.

      • Customer is TANF recipient.

      • Customer refused to participate in EPIC or regular SNAP - submitted for sanctions.

      • Customer reported income - exempt and can volunteer (May require follow-up date).

      • Customer reported income - no longer eligible (May require follow-up date).

      • Customer is no longer SNAP eligible.

      • Customer moved out of EPIC service area.                                             

November 10, 2016

  • SSN Update

    • You will now be asked to type in the customer social security number and the re-type the social security number. You will not be able to copy and paste. If the numbers do not match, you will receive an error message. Find the updated directions here

    • Should you discover during the EPIS random assignment process that there is an error in the social security number on EPIC, the following people will have the authority to make changes to the customer SSN:

      • Olivia Griesheim
      • Dee Reinhardt
      • Deidre Wesley
      • Areli Varela-Coleman
      • Lisa Sparks

  • 2151 Form

    • The CBO phone number will also be added to the 2151 form when you download it into Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

October 24, 2016

  • Only the Primary contacts are getting Progress page update via messages/emails. This will alleviate emails going to DHS caseworkers who may no longer be working with the EPIC customers. 

  • Updated the text on the progress page for exempt option. DHS will now have 3 options: 

    • Eligible - SNAP eligible and not receiving TANF benefits, 

    • Ineligible - SNAP ineligible, 

    • Exempt - SNAP eligible, exempt and not receiving TANF benefits.

  • Corrected how Category 1 and 2 is being populated based on employment. If a customer reports they are working on their intake application, they will appear as category 1, category 2 is if they are not working.

  • Updated the intake dashboard to show people with a follow up date in the past to show in the “Missed Orientation” section.

  • Removed the “Update Customer Status” section form profile details tab. All updates will now happen on other tabs of the customer profile.

  • Locked the Random Assignment tab until Eligibility Review has been completed and they have been marked SNAP Eligible. 

  • Lock the Intake Activities tab after a customer has been randomly assigned.

October 7, 2016

  • Export

    • Update - an additional column was added to the customer export that shows the reason the customer declined to participate. 

September 20, 2016

  • Reports

    • Update – CBOs have been given access to the Training Program report and the CBO Enrolled and Referred report. CBOs will only be able to view the information for their location in each of the reports. 

  • Progress Page

    • Update – An exempt status option has been added to the eligibility status section on the Progress Page.

    • Update – Retention Only Services has been added as an option on the progress page in the training program enrollment section under Program Assignment 

  • Invite Process

    • Update – On the intake activities it now shows which orientation session (morning or afternoon) the customer was invited. DHS staff also has the ability to select morning or afternoon time slots when re-inviting the customer.

  • Payroll

    • Update – CBOs now have the ability to easily download the payroll templet, upload payroll file (filled out), upload any other supporting documentation, and submit payroll for review all on the payroll tab

    • New – A payroll management tab has been added to Agencies resources that allow the CBO to view a history of their payroll uploads. It can be filtered to show payroll uploads that have been approved, have not yet been reviewed, and those that have not yet been submitted. CBOs can only remove and edit payroll uploads that have not yet been submitted. 

September 8, 2016

  • Worksite Placement

    • New - A worksite placement tab has been added to each agency. Locate it by going to Resources>Agencies>Selecting your Agency> then the Worksite Placement tab.  This gives CBO’s the ability to add employers, worksites, and jobs to their agency.  


August 30, 2016

  • Dashboard

    • Update – A printer friendly view has been added to all the dashboards.

    • Update – On all of the Epic Dashboards, you now have the ability to filter by Pilot or Study date. The Pilot portion will reflect the numbers from the beginning stages of EPIC, March 1st – June 30th. The Study portion will reflect the numbers after the changes to the intake process were implemented, July 1st – Present. 

  • Export

    • Update – When you export the list of customers “Scheduled for Orientation” a column has been added specifying if the customer is attending the morning or afternoon session. 

    • Update – On the customer export list, a column has been added specifying if the customer is Mandatory or Voluntary.

  • Intake

    • Update – When inviting a customer to orientation you will now have the ability to select, from a drop down menu, if the customer will be attending the morning or afternoon session. Hover over a date in the Invite Calendar to view the number of customers already scheduled for the morning and afternoon sessions. When a session reaches its capacity, the word (Full) will display next to the number of customers that have been invited to that session. If there are no sessions scheduled for that day, 0 (No Sessions) will display.               

August 10, 2016

  • Intake

    • ​​Update – On the Intake Activates in section 1.1 Orientation Date if you select Has Note Attended Orientation you will be prompted to then select one of three options:

      • Customer can be re-invited to orientation 

      • Customer is no longer SNAP eligible

      • Conciliation/Sanction process has started

  • Dashboard 

    • Update – On the Intake Dashboard under the Orientation section new rows have been added to help track where customers are. The new rows that were added are:

      • No Longer SNAP Eligible

      • Conciliation/Sanction Process Has Started

    • This will help DHS narrow down the customers who need to be re-invited back to orientation vs those that don’t. 

  • Customer Profile

    • Update – In the Profile Details page under Update Customer Status the option to select a suspended status for your customer is no longer available. For customer status you can select:

      • Active or 

      • Declined to Participate​

  • Case Notes
    • ​Update- The character count for the case notes was increased to 5,000 characters. 

August 5, 2016


    • Updated - The description located at the top the Personal Development tab, Career Planning tab, and Academic/Technical Skills tab has been updated to reflect how the section can be used to assist a customer. It also provides a link to the ISTEP instructions guide. 

  • Progress Page

    • Update - On the Progress Page under the Training Program Placement an Exit Status, Exit Reason, and Exit Date area have been included. This allows the CBO to mark the customer as Not Exited, Successful Completion, and Unsuccessful Completion and select the Exit Reason and include the date. 

    • Exit Status.png

  • Intake:

    • Update - On the Eligibility review page in the Last step before random assignment section aninfo icon.png icon is located next to each model. When you click on the icon it will provide you with a description for that model. 

  • Orientation

    • Update - On Step 3 Training Programs on www.ilepic.com​ under question 3. Find a Program that Works with your Circumstance, a customer can now choose between having a violent felony vs a nonviolent felony to help better ​filter the training programs they can qualify for in their area. 

  • Reports

    • Update – Addition columns were added to the CBO Enrolled and Referred Report to better track where the customers were falling once they were assigned to a CBO. These additional columns show the number of customers the CBO needs appointments for, the number of pending customers, and the number of customers who are not eligible. The numbers are clickable and provide you with a list of all the customers in that area or the report. 

    • New – Attended Orientation – Does Not want to Participate at this Time Report has been added. This Report displays the customers who Attended Orientation and selected they did not want to participate at that time and the reason why they chose not to participate at that time. It also included the Region, WordNet ID, Orientation Date, and Follow up Date for the customer. This report can help aid DHS case workers and determining which customers should be re-invited back to the program based on the reason they did not participate the first time. 

    • Update – Two new columns have been added to the Training Program Report when exported. You can now see a side by side comparison of the Drug Test Requirements and the Background Check Requirements that were on Application one and that are on Application two. This will help CBO’s ensure that they answers are as similar as possible to allow the customers to have an equal chance of getting into the training program no matter which application they used. 

  • Dashboard
    • Update - The Enrolled Dashboard now has a Completion Status Section. This section will help follow successful customer who have finished the training program and started their retention period. Along with showing the reason why a customer was marked as an unsuccessful completion if they did not complete the program.

  • Resources Tab

    • ​Update – Located in each Agencies page is a new Uploads tab. This tab allows CBOs to upload documents their location uses, these documents can be made available to only CBO staff or to CBO and the DHS staff in their region.  DHS staff also have the ability to upload documents to the tab so that the CBOs may have access to them. 

July 22, 2016

  • ​Orientation/Invite

    • Update - If a customer has already been added to the DHS Invite list, but not invited, the message that now displays is “A customer with this SSN has already been added to EPIC. Check the DHS Customer table to make sure they have been invited.” 

  • Reports

    • New – The CBO Enrolled and Referred Report is a list of the CBO’s that provide training programs. It provides information on which region the CBO is in, the number of training program openings the CBO has, the number of Enrolled customers the CBO has, and the number of Referred customers the CBO has. The number of enrolled and referred customers are clickable and provide a list of each customer in that section. 

  • Case Notes

    • Update – An export button was added to the case notes tab to allow partners to export a list of all of the customer’s case notes. It shows which section the case note was added in, the comments that were made in the case note, who the case not was entered by, and the date it was entered.

  • Resources

    • New – An upload tab has been added to each Agency to allow the CBO or DHS Office and Region staff to upload any files that may be helpful to EPIC. You can locate this tab by going to Resources > Agencies. From there you will select your Agency, the update tab is located at the very end of the tab list. 


July 18, 2016

  • ​Intake
    • ​Update - A category was added to the Profile information located on the left side of the customers profile, progress, and ISTEP page. A customer can be in one of two categories. ​


      • ​​Category 1 –indicates the customer was employed

        Category 2 – Indicated the customer was not employed

    • Update - Information that is entered into EPIS and left at Saved Draft Status will no longer default to Community Only Services.

    • Update - The red alert bar located at the top of a customer’s profile page will now go away after a DHS case worker indicates “Yes” the customer information has been updated.​

    • Update - On the Application when the customer selects the industries they want to get training in they can select:

      • ​​Industry - Less than 25 miles away 

      • Industry – More than 25 miles away. 

                       This will now dispay as:

      • ​​Industry - Less than 25 miles away (kept the same)

      • Industry - All training programs in region (change text to include training programs that are less than 25 miles and more than 25 miles away from the customer’s home address.)

  • ​Case Notes:

    • ​New – Case Notes tab: The case notes tab allow you to view all the case notes created for that customer.  You can view which section the case note was added in, the comments made, who the case note was entered by, and the date it was entered.  A search box is located in the upper right corner and allows you to search for keywords.  You can sort by section by clicking the title of each section. For Example: If you wanted to view the oldest case note you can simply click on “Entered”, located above the list of dates the case notes were entered, and it would sort the date from oldest to newest. If you clicked enter again it would go back to searching from newest to oldest. ​

  • Dashboard:

    • Update – ISTEP Dashboard  Step Count:  Located next to the number of customers who are either in Not Started, Open, Open & Past Due, Successful Completion, or Unsuccessful Completion  you will now see numbers in ( ). These number indicate the number of steps assigned for the customers in each column.  ​


July 13, 2016
  • Reports:

    • ​New – EPIC and EPIS Comparison Report is available to IDHS Staff. The purpose of this report is to identify the differences in customer information between EPIC and EPIS to help quickly resolve the syncing issues. 

    • ​Updated – The Incorrect Customer Information Report now includes the customers DHS Case ID/SNAP Unit ID number.  

  • Form

    • ​​New – 3392 Form. The purpose of this form is for a SNAP E&T worker and the customer to agree upon specific steps/acts the customer must complete by a provided deadline in order to not be sanctioned. This document has to be physically signed by both the SNAP E&T worker and the customer.

  • Dashboard:​

    • ​NEW – ISTEP Dashboard – A partner accessible dashboard that gives partners an up-to-date count of where all customers are on their ISTEP plan. Numbers will be clickable, and set filter options are available on the Customers tab.

  • Case Notes:

    • ​Update – The option to send a case note to the Illinois workNet Team was included. 

    • ​Update - Due to the change in the Eligibility Review Process, if you select to send the case not via message and/or email to the Eligibility Review Team / DHS Case Worker it will be sent to whoever was responsible for checking the training program boxes during Eligibility Review.

  • ​Intake:

    • ​Update – On Section 1.1 Orientation Date the reference to NOCTI, on the second options you can select if the customer falls under Attended Orientation – Does Not Want to Participate, was removed. The highlighted words were taken out, “I am interested in the training program and can participate now, but I need to reschedule another date/time to complete the online application process or the NOCTI test”.

  • Progress Page:

    • ​Update – The color of the Upload Scanned 2151 As Needed button was changed to white instead of green to help differentiate between the two different ways to upload the 2151 form.

    • ​​Update – The wording of the Green Eligibility Status bar at the top of the progress page was changed to better reflect the eligibility status.  See below for exact text change.

    • Eligibility Status Update.png

July 6, 2016

  • Updated Customer Information
    • ​Autocomplete function added to the name search on the customer search page. 
    • Users are now able to update their customer's application until​ ​the customer has been referred to a training program. ​

June 29, 2016

  • Updated the EPIC intake process to:
    • Remove the NOCTI assessment
    • Add the Career Cluster Interest Inventory assessment
    • Update the application
    • Change the process into to include random assignment the same day as the EPIC orientation. 
  • See application change details (PDF).
  • See intake process change details (PDF).
June 23, 2016
  • Updated Training Program Search - Added ZIP Code filter option to the training program search in www.ilepic.com.  Now the results include the distance between the ZIP Code entered and the Training provider location.
  • Updated Resource Menu – Display CBO Agencies menu item.
  • Intake Update - CBO Training Program Fields - Added new drug test question and background question to the CBO training program area.  The background question was updated to include both violent and non-violent felony options.
  • Update Reset Password button text to include an option 3.  Options 1 and 2 provide information the customer will need to reset a password.  Option 3 provides information on how the provider can reset the customer’s password.
  • Updated Individualized, Services, Training and Employment Plan to add more flexibility when identifying credentials.
    • Added a remove button to the credential from the Services page
    • Added the ability to add credentials when the Step is marked as Open (Previously the step had to be marked as successfully completed before a credential could be added.)
    • Added the ability to add multiple credentials for one Step
    • Added a View/Update link to the Next Step modal to update credentials
  • Removed customer name from automatically generated Illinois workNet messages and Emails.
  • Split felony conviction into violent and non-violent options when add a training program.

    REMINDER:  Emailing personally identifiable information (PII) like a first name, last name, or social security number of any pilot participant violates their privacy and confidentiality. Sending any such information via email is forbidden by our security protocol and in particularly grievous instances these violations of privacy may need to be reported to the federal government.

    Please take care to never send the first name, last name, or social security number of a pilot participant via email to the help desk, your site liaisons, or anyone else. Identify participants using only Other Participant ID when communicating via email as it is not secure to share other personal information over email.

June 17, 2016

  • Now excluding "Not Reported" for highest level of education when determining if a customer needs to be recommended for a bridge program
  • Corrected error that occurred when uploading 2151 with old style appointment date 
  • Made mobile view updates
  • Corrected the decline to participate part of the Intake Dashboard Fix Consent Section
  • EPIC Partner Accounts Report and Access Management – Added Organization Information

June 16, 2016

  • Updated info bubble information on the intake dashboard.
  • Addressed the error which occurred when bulk re-inviting customers who missed orientation.

June 15, 2016

  • Updated discrepancy between Intake and Enrolled Dashboard
    • Customers with old 2151 form without checkboxes are now going to the Past Due row.  Please upload a 2151 form with the appropriate check boxes marked.
  • Added a new button that allows Partners to bulk re-invite customers that have missed orientation via the Customer Search page. The button ONLY shows when "Missed Orientation" is selected from the Dashboard.
  • Added a new line to the Dashboard to show those customers that have missed their consent meeting.
  • When adding a new DHS customer the system will alert the Partner that we are searching for an Illinois workNet account based on SSN.
  • Updated invitation process since some DHS staff were having trouble with the system timing out after completing several back-to-back invitations.

June 9, 2016

  • Moved the "Add Case Note" button to the top of the page so it does not get buried on the Profile section and ISTEP section.
  • The ISTEP Timeline checklist status is based on the Next Steps identified for a customer within EPIC.
  • Updated the Personal Development page within the ISTEP to remove "Referrals" and add "Next Steps".
  • Fixed issue with "Add and Invite DHS Customer" button.
  • Fixed issue with Enrolled Dashboard count.

June 8, 2016

  • Added EPIS SNAP E&T Pilot Study Training videos to restricted resources. These are available in the EPIC partner guide and EPIC Partner Tools.​
  • Updated Profile page to allow staff to correct customer typos.
  • Added videos to training program search page used in EPIC Orientation.
  • Updated the Progress page, Enrolled Dashboard, and related instructions. Summary of changes are provided below. Please see the attached instructions for details.
  • Added SNAP eligibility status update section. This section can be updated by DHS staff to let CBOs know when an EPIC customer is no longer eligible for SNAP benefits.
  • Updated 2151 form upload. Now the form is used to populate the Enrolled customer dashboard.
  • Added a button to upload a signed copy of the 2151 form if a signed copy is needed. This will not populate the enrolled customer dashboard.
  • Added a system check/requirement to ensure 2151 forms are uploaded for DHS within 48 hours of the scheduled initial appointment.
  • Added a system check/requirement. A 2151 with either "client assessment completed" or "client service initiated" selected must be uploaded prior to enrolling the customer into a training program.
  • Added system generated case notes when there is action with the customer account (For example: change in customer status, scheduling appointments, etc.)
  • Added system generated email/Illinois workNet messages when there is action with the customer account (For example: past due 2151, change in customer status, scheduling appointments, etc.)
  • Added "Upload Other Document" button to the Change in Activity/Monthly Update section.

May 25, 2016

  • Added a count of services and credentials on the ISTEP Timeline.
  • Now Closing the pop-up window when adding a case note in the plan.
  • Showing the highest level of education on the Academic/Technical Skills tab in ISTEP.
  • Added Services/Notes/Reminders for easy searching/sorting.
  • Added Next Steps in the timeline checklist.
  • Now showing a link to the Plan on the customer search page.
  • The Department of Commerce and DHS Admin team will now be included on messages to the eligibility review team.
  • More customer search filters now available.
  • More filtering options and export fields are now available on the NOCTI and Eligibility Report. *Only available to certain users
  • Primary contacts are now included on available reports. *Only available to certain users

May 11, 2016

  • Updated the training program page so that “Classroom” option populated when editing information.
  • Updated formatting of messages that are sent when a case note is added and added link to customers profile in message.
  • Fixed enrolled dashboard so it will filter by region when clicking the links to the customer search page.
  • Text changes to ISTEP – changed “Activity” to “Step”, added informational text to Career Planning and Academic/Technical Training tabs.

May 6, 2016

  • Updated the assignment tab in the customer profile to allow a case worker to identify a IDHS primary contact for the person.  This will automatically populate the primary contact on the customer's progress page.  If the primary contact changes, IDHS staff can update the primary contact in the customer's progress page.
  • Updated the training program profile to allow CBO staff to identify a primary contact for each training program.  This will automatically populate the customer's CBO primary contact on their progress page.   If the primary contact changes, CBO staff can update the primary contact on the customer's progress page.
  • Updated EPIC progress page and instructions (PDF)
    • Added ability to identify the agency primary contacts for each customer.
    • Added a link to download the 2151 form from the Initial CBO assignment section on the progress page.
    • Updated the appointment status dropdown menu to include "Recommend Sanction - Upload 2151A Form" option.
    • Updated progress page instructions and add them to the progress page.
    • Updated the 2151A form upload to only allow one selection checked in the client progress section.
    • Updated the 2151A form upload to detect when a CBO indicates recommend sanction in the recommended action section.
  • Added notification that is sent to IDHS case workers and regional administrators when a customer has been identified as recommended for sanction.
  • Update enrollment dashboard and instructions (PDF)
    • Changed "Requesting DHS follow-up" line item to "DHS Review - Recommending Sanction - Upload 2151A Form".  This is based on a customer with and uploaded 2151A form that has not been enrolled in a training program or employment only services.
    • Added line item "2151A Not Needed - Form is Not Required Until Next Month".
    • Updated time requirement for submitting the 2151A monthly progress report from the 1st of each month to submitting the report between the 1st and 5th of the month.  
    • Added "DHS Review - Recommend Sanction" in the client progress section of the enrollment dashboard.

April 29, 2016

  • NOCTI scores are available within two business days after submitting an assessment. The scores are automatically brought into the EPIC system at 6 AM daily.

April 26, 2016

  • Dashboard:
    • Updated the intake dashboard to show totals with each section
    • Addressed an issue on counts between the green section on Application and the total in the NOCTI Section
    • Updated EPIC Intake Dashboard instructions (PDF)
  • Reports:
    • Displaying the NOCTI Participant ID and NOCTI Passcode and displaying/exporting in the NOCTI report
  • Released EPIC Progress Page (Instructions - PDF)
  • Release EPIC Enrolled Customer Dashboard (Instructions - PDF)
  • Update Eligibility Review Team Instructions to include a checklist (PDF)

April 19, 2016

  • Reports
    • Created a link to the Customer Profile on the NOCTI Report.
    • Showing the Projected and Actual number of customers for each training program in the report.
  • Intake Dashboard
    • Added the row for “Community Only Services” to the Intake Dashboard.
  • Customer Profile
    • Intake Activities Tab
      • Added a “Declined To Participate” radio button on the Intake Activities tab in the Customer Profile.
    • Eligibility Review Tab
      • Removed the Text “2.1” from the Eligibility Review heading.
      • Added an alert above the Training Program table to show when a program is successfully recommended.

April 15, 2016:

Updates to the EPIC Partner Tools include:

  • Added customer’s Illinois workNet username, phone number, and address to customer profile section.
  • Added a button to show password reset instructions in customer profile section.
  • Added the disability categories to the personal development tab in the ISTEP plan.
  • Updated the text telling the user that the application cannot be updated because the eligibility review is completed.

April 14, 2016

  • Customer Orientation Handout in Spanish has been posted to the Full List of Resources.

April 7, 2016

  • On the Eligibility Review Tab, the text of "Pre-Application Questions" has been updated to "Pre-Random Assignment Questions".
  • A link to the Customer Profile has been added to the "Incorrect Customer Information" report.
  • The orientation option has been removed for customers that have "Attended Orientation - Does Not Want to Participate" after the application has been submitted.

April 5, 2016

  • Reports
    • New - Incorrect Customer Information Report is available to for IDHS staff.  The purpose is to identify customer who indicate their contact information provided in the application is incorrect.  This is available in the reports section in the EPIC Tools.
      • How it works -
        1. When customers complete their application, they are asked if the information is correct.  If it is not correct, the customer provides updated information.  The account is flagged to identify their contact information needs to be updated in the IDHS system.
        2. IDHS staff can use this report to get a filtered list of customers and export the corrections provided by the customer.  
        3. IDHS staff update the information in the IDHS system.
        4. Once the information is updated in the IDHS system, staff can remove the flag from the customer account. 
          • Go to reports and select Incorrect Customer Information Report.
          • Select the customer link and indicate the information has been updated in the IDHS system.
  • Customer Application
    • Update - Customers with existing Illinois workNet accounts are not required to change their password in the EPIC application.
  • Intake Dashboard
    • New - Added Dashboard total for Assigned to CBO
  • Profile Details
    • Update – Fixed the display of customer Eligibility in the customer profile.
  • Application Information
    • Update - Changed tab from “General Information” to “Application Information”
    • Update – Add the text telling the user that the application cannot be updated because the eligibility review is complete.
  • Intake Activities Tab
    • Update - Once a customer has completed an application the “Attended Orientation – Does Not Want To participate” option is disabled.  If the customer does not want to participate after applying, that is captured in in the Eligibility Review section or in EPIS.
    • Update - Remove Other Notes from Intake screen. Notes will be entered into the Case Notes Area.
    • Update - Added customer application status to the next to the Attended Orientation status.  Plus, the person must have submitted their application before the case worker can select the option to schedule the customer for consent/random assignment follow.  This is important since the submitted application is needed to recommend a training program.
    • Update - Fixed the follow up date being wiped when saving the eligibility review page.
  • Assignment Tab
    • Update – If the customer has entered two phone number, both phone numbers are included when downloading 2151 form.
    • Update - Display link for assigned program information if participant is assigned to Treatment

April 1, 2016

  • Displaying follow up date on the Intake Activities tab all the time except when a customer has not been scheduled.
  • Updated the text telling a customer their account has not been invited to EPIC.
  • Displaying CBO Agency name in the drop down on the Assignment page.
  • Created a section on the intake dashboard to show customers that have been assigned to a CBO.
  • Added Random Assignment to the Customer Export.
  • Showing the Training Program address instead of the Agency Address on the 2151 Referral form.
  • Showing the Follow up date on the customer export.
  • Fixed "Declined to Participate" numbers on the intake dashboard.
  • Added text to clarify “DHS Case Id/SNAP Unit ID” to match to EPIS system reference to “SNAP Unit ID”.
  • Eligibility Review updates.