LEgislative Event

​The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) may reach out to coordinate an initial meeting with Illinois workNet and Legislative staff regarding a multi-employer Virtual Job Fair (VJF) event in the senator's/representative's region. Additionally, a VJF event for the senator/representative may be requested by reaching out to info@illinoisworknet.com

During the initial meeting, an overview of the VJF system, types of events, and the timeline for the event will be discussed. Additionally, during this meeting a date of the event(s) may be identified.

Subsequent planning meetings will occur on a weekly basis leading up to the event with Illinois workNet, Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), local American Job Center/Local Workforce Innovation Area (AJC/LWIA) staff, and legislative staff to finalize: 

  • Format 
  • Structure 
  • Participating businesses 
  • Workshops and Breakout Room features 
  • Outreach and registration 
  • Other pertinent details to ensure a successful job fair event 

Note: A minimum of 6 weeks’ notice to facilitate and successfully coordinate and promote the event is needed.

If you would like to meet with the Virtual Job Fair team to discuss holding a multi-employer VJF event for your region, send an email to info@illinoisworknet.com.

LWIA's Responsibilities
  • Work with IDES and the legislative staff to identify participating businesses
  • Communicate with employers to ensure Illinois workNet accounts and Employer Booth pages are created
    • If the employer does not submit a booth page, then the LWIA will be required to submit a booth page on their behalf 
  • Review and approve Employer Booth entries for each participating employer 
  • Ensure Employers have PPT slides for the event and that slides are provided to Illinois workNet for screenshare 
  • During the event, LWIA staff will: 
    • Provide opening and closing remarks after the Zoom technical opening statement by Illinois workNet
    • Facilitate participant questions asked through Zoom chat 
    • Share information about local resources and services that are available to attendees, i.e. work support, American Job Centers. 

Illinois workNet's Responsibilities
  • Create a registration page on Eventbrite 
  • Create an Illinois workNet Event Calendar entry 
  • Schedule Social Media posts promoting the event 
  • Provide Zoom Training to participating employers if requested 
    • LWIA staff will be required to attend this session
  • Troubleshoot and provide technical assistance during the event, i.e. opening remarks on Zoom features, recording, participant management, and uploading the recording to YouTube 
  • Provide Post-Event Follow up: 
    • Send Feedback surveys to participants and employers 
    • Provide registration information 
    • Provide a recording of the event and upload to the participating employers' booth pages