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​Illinois is entering a new era of coordination among workforce, education, and economic development partners and systems. WIOA ushers in a stronger framework for guiding the public workforce system by ensuring the resources for business engagement are regionally collaborative and responsive to the needs of industry.  In Illinois, Cabinet members, key business leaders and education and workforce partners created a vision for the new law that will provide the foundation for a larger state level effort to transform the state’s workforce system.  

Business driven talent solutions that integrate education, workforce and economic development resources across systems to provide businesses, individuals, and communities with the opportunity to prosper and contribute to growing the state’s economy.

In realizing this vision, key industry leaders, workforce, education, and economic development partners will come together to develop plan at the state and regional levels that will outline strategies for aligning resources and investments to meet the common goal for developing regional talent.  These strategies will also draw from lessons learned through the community college planning process as well consider how to integrate related initiatives such as the work occurring in the P-20 council and 60X25 network.

This page provides resources to support the planning process.​

Informational Links
​WIOA Regional Planning Contacts (PDF)

 Regional Planning FAQ

EDR Data Packets
​Central EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • East Central EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • North Central EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • West Central EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Northeast EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Northern Stateline EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Northwest EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Southeast EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Southern EDR Data Packet (PDF)
  • Southwest EDR Data Packet (PDF)

Regional Team Docs
​Building an Integrated Regional Planning Framework - Regional Meeting Agenda (PDF)
  • Building an Integrated Regional Planning Framework: Self-Assessment for Regional Teams (PDF)
  • Illinois Integrated Regional Planning Project - Guidance and Templates for Regional Team Planning Work 
  • Illinois WIOA Planning Process – Regional and Local Planning Process Guide (PDF) – Updated December 2016
  • Illinois WIOA Planning Process – Steps to Ensure Compliance (PDF) – Released December 2016
  • Regional Planning Webinar Kick-Off Presentation (PDF) - October 22, 2015 

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