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  • 2020

    Illinois Partners with Coursera to Offer Free Online IT Training Courses and more

    The State of Illinois has partnered with Coursera to offer courses that lead to Information Technology (IT) professional courses and certificates, such as Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

    For a limited time, Illinoisans can access free online Information Technology (IT) and Job Readiness courses from top institutions using Coursera. These courses and certifications will make you more competitive in the IT field where job openings exist in Illinois. You may also access other courses for digital literacy, job readiness, and more. Coursera is an online learning platform offering massive open online courses (MOOC), specializations, and degrees. The University of Illinois is a flagship partner with Coursera.

    Note: completing courses through Coursera does not affect Unemployment Insurance. 

    Free Coursera Online Courses: Register for the courses through October 31. Completion of courses and certificates must occur by December 31, 2020.

    Access to Coursera to create a free account can be found by visiting Illinois workNet or Get Hired Illinois. Get Hired Illinois is a state web portal designed to connect workers with the available job and career training opportunities across the state of Illinois.

    Here are the steps to get you started on Illinois workNet:

    1. Sign in to Illinois workNet.com or Create an Illinois workNet account
    2. Visit the training page and click on the "Access Your Free Courses" button
    3. Coursera will then send you an email so you can get started on your courses

    Once you complete Coursera courses, and if you want to continue your education, you can access other IT courses through your local community college:

    Review your training options and learn more about Coursera's Training Opportunities.

    Follow Illinois workNet on Social Media:


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