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Illinois Performance Accountability and Transparency System (IPATS) is the latest software application brought to you from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity– Office of Employment and Training in collaboration with the Illinois workNet technology specialists.  One of the primary sources of data utilized for the visuals in IPATS is the Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS) which is the state's system of record for intake, tracking, and reporting the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I, Adult, Dislocated Workers, and Youth programs.

  • Showing results in innovative and new ways sheds light on and provides a strong incentive to keep pushing forward. Ultimately, data transparency not only helps improve key metrics and overall performance but also helps with the willingness and ability of those charged with improving it.
  • Having access to key metrics to see what works and what doesn't, in as real-time as possible, enables everyone to be informed and make better, quicker decisions.
  • Dashboards display key metrics and data in ways that stakeholders can see where they are performing well and where they can make improvements.  Increased visualization and availability of succinct and relatable data helps build trust among the data consumers, inspires new ideas and opportunities for growth, increases understanding of the purpose behind the data, attracts and empowers better engagement in the efforts to continuously improve upon performance and outcomes. 

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As you navigate through the screens please stop and take a moment to provide any feedback or suggestions no matter how big or small to info@illinoisworknet.com

Only partner accounts that have been granted access will have access to this tool. 

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event calendar

​This event calendar includes technical assistance webinars, in-person trainings, and other events related to program implementation.  The following list is subject to change.

Upcoming Events

​Date & Time
​May 27, 2021 @10:00 AM
IPATS Monthly LWIA Meeting
Email info@illinoisworknet.com to be included on the meeting invite.

Past Events

​April 29, 2021
​IPATS Monthly LWIA Meeting
​Email info@illinoisworknet.com for a copy of the recording.
​March 25, 2021
​IPATS Monthly LWIA Meeting
​​Email info@illinoisworknet.com for a copy of the recording.
​February 25, 2021
​IPATS Monthly LWIA Meeting
​​Email info@illinoisworknet.com for a copy of the recording.
​January 28, 2021
​IPATS Monthly LWIA Meeting
​Email info@illinoisworknet.com for a copy of the recording. 
​January 27, 2021
​IPATS Overview/Kickoff Webinar