Illinois Employment Business System (IEBS)

​The Illinois Employment Business System is an economic landscape tool utilized by state and local workforce education specialists, and economic development specialists to view macro and micro-economic conditions in the state in order to make data driven decisions regarding self-sustaining jobs and long term business stability. Data from the system is utilized in state economic development and strategic planning.

The IEBS platform officially launched on November 30, 2020.  The IEBS team is planning for new features in future releases and this page will be updated with additional content and resources as they become available.

IEBS is a restricted platform and only staff identified by the LWIA will be provided access at this time. To request access, see the instructions below:

For design & oversight questions, please email:            
Kelly Lapetino                                                             
Office of Employment & Training                 

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Rapid Response and TRADE

Event calendar

This event calendar includes technical assistance webinars, in-person trainings, and other events related to program implementation. The following list is subject to change.

Upcoming Events


​​​Webinar (Join) (Register)
May 21, 2024 3PM
Creating Dislocated Worker Lead Lists
​​​Webinar (Join) (Register)
​June 18, 2024 3PM
​Questionnaire & Features
​​​​Webinar (Join) (Register)
​July 16, 2024 3PM
​LMI Tools - why it might be good to use IEBS
​​​​​Webinar (Join) (Register)
​​On-line WARN form

Past Events

See Partner Training Materials & Videos for archived webinars and materials.