ILDS and Individual Privacy

Privacy and Confidentiality

​ILDS protects individual privacy and confidentiality consistent with all privacy protection laws and leading technical practices.

ILDS neither limits nor waives any of the state or federal privacy protection laws that apply to an individual agency’s data. On the contrary, all sharing of data must be specifically authorized by these laws, and it is subject to all applicable legal limitations.

Ensuring robust protections for individual privacy and compliance with all state and federal laws is of the highest priority for the ILDS partner agencies. Thus the ILDS systems for receiving and matching agency data utilize the highest technological safeguards. They ensure 1) that data is maintained and merged only on hardware that is not connected to a network; 2) that data is not duplicated; 3) that data sharing is strictly authorized by the agencies; and 4) that access to data is limited only to those employees requiring access to enact ILDS activities. Additionally, ILDS-supported reports and analyses will include only aggregate data—an individual’s information will never be disclosed.