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The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is the state coordinating board for Illinois community colleges.  Under the authority of the P-20 Longitudinal Education Data System Act (105 ILCS 13/1 et seq.) (the “LDS Act”), ICCB is the State Education Authority responsible for collecting and maintaining enrollment, completion, and student characteristic information on community college students.  Illinois Community College System data collection, administrative data matching, and reporting is coordinated through ICCB. 

ICCB established its centralized data system three decades ago and currently collects approximately 5 million student and staff records annually.  ICCB continues to enhance its system and collects student enrollment, demographic, curriculum, course, and credential information, as well as staff and financial data.  Additionally, ICCB is the State of Illinois Administrator for Adult Education and collects adult education student enrollment, demographic, course/curriculum, credential, staff and financial information via the web-based Data and Information System – Illinois (DAIS-I). Finally, ICCB also collects High School Equivalency student demographic, attainment and testing site.

ICCB utilizes its centralized data system to advance alignment across agencies through data sharing efforts with education and workforce partners.  ICCB participates in numerous data sharing initiatives to promote program improvement, advance a culture of evidence, and track student progress and performance. ICCB’s considerable experience with cross-sector data sharing and administrative data matching has contributed in the development and implementation of the ILDS infrastructure.      

ICCB has launched the CTE Earnings and Employment Web Portal. The agency also has data sharing agreements and an outcomes framework in place for the health sciences and career pathways metrics project. The future focus is to update and publish the health science career pathways metrics project and expand to other sectors. ICCB will also incorporate industry certification data obtained through Illinois' participation in the Certification Consortium and define a career pathways research agenda.

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Nathan Wilson
Senior Director for Research and Policy Studies
Illinois Community College Board
401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1711

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