• Internships

    ​Students participate in work-related experience in a company setting where they perform the roles and functions of one or many occupations specific to a cluster and pathway that aligns with their personalized plan of study. Internships can be structured to be short or long-term depending on when they are offered and the amount of time a student can commit to the experience over a period of time. Students should have clearly defined goals for how the internship advances their skill sets and allows them to demonstrate their knowledge through applied learning. Students should have a designated supervisor who will evaluate their performance as part of an exit interview. 

    Internships can be administered as a career preparation activity at the secondary and postsecondary education level.


    1. Education and Career Plan
    2. Workforce Readiness Assessment
    3. Meet expectations appropriate to grade level as defined by PSAE, ACT, Compass, Common Core assessments, and postsecondary admissions exams


    1. Observational Assessment
    2. Endorsement/Credential